🇨🇲CHAN 2020: How some players misled Ndtoungou Mpile

Ndtoungou Mpile was misled by the performance of some players against DR Congo, but they failed to live up to expectations against Morocco.

Cameroon’s intermediate lions bowed out of the 2020 African Nations championship, in the most disgraceful fashion that could have been expected from a host Nation.

A brace from Soufiane Rahimi, and further goals from Soufiane Bouftini, and Mohammed Ali Bemammer, were enough as Lhoussaine Aammouta’s Atlas Lions disarmed the intermediate lions at the Limbe Omnisport Stadium.

The lions played probably their best game of the Ndtoungou Mpile era, when they edged DR Congo 2#1 at the quarter finals in Japoma last Saturday, but it was surprising how clawless the supposedly Indomitable lions looked in front of a purposeful Atlas Lions.

Ndtoungou Mpile admitted that the performance of some of his players in their quarter final game against DR Congo, gave him all reasons to trust them against Morocco. But unfortunately for the tactician, his trust was buried in the mud. Perhaps their performance against a psychologically tortured Leopards gave Mpile a false impression.

Yannick N’Djeng, one of the goal scorers in the quarter final, came under scrutiny following his dismal performance against Morocco. The AS Futuro Forward failed to attempt a shot at goal throughout his stay on the pitch and was booed by the crowd, when he was subbed off for Rayonne Mbougain.

Ndjeng had a good game against DR Congo and there was no reason to not to start him today. But today he was not at his best. It was another match today, but the match against DR Congo permitted us to start him today“, Martin Ndtoungou Mpile told the press when asked to explain his choice of Yannick N’Djeng against Morocco.

Apart from Yannick Ndjeng, other options that worked out for the lions against DR Congo, failed to yield fruits. The Yamkam_Hassana Abo combination at the right flank did not materialize. Steve Roberto Kueni was good against DR Congo, but was rinsed inside out by the pacy Moroccan wingers.

Haschou Kerrido dropped a howler earlier in the game, while Étamé François hitherto compared to the legendary Rigobert song, proved that he still have a long way to go. His misjudged pass gifted Soufiane Rahimi his second goal of the game.

Felix Oukine and Gabriel Penda failed to control the Midfield, as they were seemingly battered by the high momentum of Mohammed Ali Bemammer and Hafidi.

It is easier to conclude that the lions flashy display against DR Congo deceptively tricked Ndtoungou Mpile to some of his decisions against Morocco.

As a frustrated fan shouted “Lazy lions” when Ndtoungou Mpile and his boys walked down the tunnel at full time,  the intermediate lions were indeed very lazy in front of swift Moroccan side.


Afeseh Apong

Afeseh Apong is a graduate of the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC, and is currently Team press officer of PWD Bamenda

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