🇨🇲Elite One: Martin Nkabyo Lifts the lid on YOSA’s failed game against TKC

YOSA wants compensation before they can replay TKC

  • YOSA was initially scheduled to take on Tonnerre Kalara club on Sunday March 07, 2021
  • The game did not hold after TKC failed to present their Covid-19 results
  • The game was reportedly rescheduled for Tuesday March 09, 2021, but again did not take place.

The head coach of Yong Sports Academy of Bamenda, Martin Nkabyo, has stated that his side did not receive any official notification from the Cameroon football federation, reprogramming their day one fixture against TKC on Tuesday.

Initially scheduled for Sunday March 07, the game could hold, after TKC could not provide a negative Covid-19 results for their players.

While publishing partial day one results, FECAFOOT on their official Twitter handle indicated that the YOSA vs TKC fixture has been pushed forward to Tuesday March 09, but surprisingly on Tuesday morning, YOSA had their normal training session, and later on Tuesday after, TKC and match officials answered present at the YOSA Stadium in mile six Nkwen, where the game was supposed to take place, but there were no signs of home side, YOSA.

In an interview with CRTV’s Ben Collins, Martin Nkabyo indicated that no agreement was reached at reprogramming the match on Tuesday, and should anything as happens, then it should be at the convinient of the home side.

Martin Nkabyo, coach of Yong Sports Academy of Bamenda

“The game was programmed for last Sunday, we prepared well for it, but unfortunately TKC came with their covid-19 results. I think the instructions are clear from the federation that a team without their Covid-19 results can’t participate in a game.

“When it was clear that the game will not hold on Sunday, I the coach of the team was traveling to Yaoundé for a meeting. . The match officials asked TKC to negotiate with YOSA if they could stay in Bamenda, do the test on Monday, so that the game be played on Tuesday. But we told the management of TKC that it was going to be impossible to have a replay on Tuesday, because we all know how Bamenda is on a Monday [ghost towns], so it’s impossible for us to train on Monday and assemble the players, for them to be able to play on Tuesday”, said Martin Nkabyo.

“We have been at home for 11 months and we prepared this game for the past two weeks. The anticipation was high, we were battle ready on Sunday, only for the players to be told they can’t play. I think who are sports psychologists will explain that it is a very difficult situation for players. The players would need sometime to manage that situation.

“If we didn’t play on Sunday and are asked to play on Tuesday without having a training session on Monday, how do you get the players ready?. It is not just about kicking the ball and running behind it on the field.

According to the tactician, the management of YOSA has now taking a strong stand, that they game can only be replayed, if they’re compensated for their expenditure of the failed fixture last Sunday.

“Management thinks they spend money to prepare for that game and that all the expenditure they incurred for that game be reinbursed. We can’t prepare for a game twice because TKC came to Bamenda without their Covid-19 results. YOSA can not be penalized and asked to prepare for the same game twice.

“If the have to be a replay, it has to be at the convinience of YOSA, after they must have reinbursed the money we spend. That’s the stand of the management of YOSA.

“Beside we did not have any official reprogrammation of that game from the Federation.

YOSA is now full focused on their day two game in Garoua against Cotonsport, though the yellow submarines of Bamenda might not all play cotonsport this weekend as planned, due to the cotonnites involvement in the CAF Confederation Cup.


Afeseh Apong

Afeseh Apong is a graduate of the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC, and is currently Team press officer of PWD Bamenda

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