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🇨🇲Guinness Super League: Renaissance records first win,Complete day 6 results, Classification, scorers chart

Éclair FC back to winning ways, Renaissance Women's record first win of the season

Three delayed day six games of Cameroon women’s super League were played on Saturday December 19, 2020.

Éclair FC of SA’A was back to winning ways, dispatching Ebolowa FC 2#0 at the SA’A municipal Stadium.

Renaissance women of Guider recorded their first win of the season, beating AS Diamare 3#0, while Renaissance Athletic of Figuil played a zero all tie.

In advanced games played on Wednesday and Thursday, Louves minproff defeated Vision sports FC 4#1, AS AWA FC humbled Canon Filles 2#0 thanks to goals from Farida Macha and Brenda Tabe, while goals from Ngah manga, Catherine Mbengono and Brigette Omboudou helped Amazone FAP overpower Eding Filles 4#0.


Louves minproff 4#1 Vision sports FC

Canon Filles 0#2 AS AWA FC

Eding filles 0#4 Amazones FAP

Éclair FC 2#0 Ebolowa FC

Renaissance women 3#0 AS Diamaré

Renaissance Athletic Figuil 0#0 caïman


1_Amazone FAP 18 Points

2_Louves Minproff 16 points

3_ AS AWA FC 14 Points

4_ Eclair FC 13 points

5_Caiman FC 10 points

6_Vision sports 8 points

7_ FC Ebolowa 7 points

8_Eding Filles 6 points

9_ Canon Filles 4 point

10_ Renaissance Athletic 4 points

11_Renaissance women 3 points

12_ AS Diamare 0 point


Catherine Mbengono is leading the golden boot race


1_Catherine Mbengono 6 goals

2_5_Ngah manga 6 goals

3_Farida Macha 5 goals

4_Émilienne Endale 5 goals

5_Eliane Bibout 5 goals

6_Marie Cissé kibindé 4 goals

7_Syrielle mbofewie 3 goals

8_Néné Lamine 3 goals.


Afeseh Apong

Afeseh Apong is a graduate of the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC, and is currently Team press officer of PWD Bamenda

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