🇨🇲NW regional league: Goal scorers and results recap after game week one

Rainbow's Brian Eyong is currently top scorer with 3 goals

A total of 26 goals were scored in seven games counting for match day one of the North West regional league over the weekend.

The game pitting Rainbow FC against Vision Athletic, was the most prolific of game week one, as it produced eight goals. Rainbow FC won 7#1.

Already, some players made a difference for their various clubs, with Rainbow’s Brian Eyong banging the first hat trick of the season. FC Bamenda’s Cheson Leonel Bingh had a brace, with 21 other players also finding the back of the net.


1. Brian Eyong_Rainbow [3 Goals]

2. Cheson Leonel Bingh_FC Bamenda [2 Goal]

3. Oliver Tsam_Rangers FC Bafut [1 goal]

4. John Wonge_ Rangers FC Bafut [1 goal]

5. Ndombe Ejob_ Rangers FC Bafut [1 goal]

6. Njel Atanga_ Rainbow FC [1 goal]

7. Baizeh Akom_ Rainbow FC [1 goal]

8. MacDonald Ndifor_ Rainbow [1 goal]

9. Manyong Yeminyi_ Rainbow FC [1 goal]

10.Ernest Ajoungwah_ Vision Atheltic [1 goal]

11.Bobga Rodrique_ FC Bamenda [1 goal]

12.Pepanse Neba Nsoh_Rush FM [ 1 goal]

13.Daniel Song_ Bafmeng United [ 1 goal]

14.Milton Ngeh_ Bafmeng United [1 goal]

15.Louis Fomuyuy_ Kumbo Strikers [ 1 goal]

16.Lemvnyuy Zukiplay_Kumbo Strikers [ 1 goal]

17.Tanue Bernard_ Hilltop strikers [ 1 goal]

18.Yuh Boris_Kilum MT FC [1 goal]

19.Betrand Wajeh_ Kilum MT FC [ 1 goal]

20.Tem Pascal_ Dream Team [1 goal]

21.Funwie Harison_ Abakwa Boys [ 1 goal]

22.Nforbever Pascal_Abakwa Boys [ 1 goal]

23.Marius Bivirka_ Universal Soccer Academy [1 goal]


Matchday one of North West Regional league results.


– Vision Sports 0-3 Rangers FC Bafut


– Rainbow FC 7-1 Vision Athletics

– FC Bamenda 3-1 Rush FM FC


– Bafmeng United 2-2 Kumbo Strikers

– Hilltop Strikers 1-2 Kilum Mt Rangers

– Dream Team 1-2 Abakwa Boys


– Universal Soccer Academy 1-0 Highland Rangers Santa

NB: Some games did not hold as per the fixtures either because of absentee cases or postponement.

Day two games will be played on Friday 02 April, 2021.


Afeseh Apong

Afeseh Apong is a graduate of the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC, and is currently Team press officer of PWD Bamenda

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