🇨🇲Yves Clement Arroga Finally Opens Up After Intermediate lions Sacking [Must Read]

Yves Clement Arroga was sacked on October 21, 2020, and replaced by Martin Ndtoungou Mpile.

Former intermediate lions head coach, Yves Clement Arroga Atsentso, has stated that he took his sacking as a “philosophy”.

Arroga was fired barely three months to African Nations championship, and has since then stayed off the media. But recently, the tactician has taken part in some TV and radio programs, and took time to revisit the moment he lost his job as intermediate lions coach.

” I took it as a philosophy. You know, in life, there are things you don’t expect that happen. Suddenly, when these things happen to you, you have to philosophize, you have to take it sportingly, you have to project your future and try to see what should be done or try to improve certain aspects and continue to do what we think we do best”, Arroga told Joseph Patrick Balla during a sports program on Amplitude FM Yaoundé.

“I don’t know of a mistake I made. I did my job humbly, and there are exogenous forces that intervened. I took it sportingly and I still intend to work with my ideas. No one is going to change them for me. I am at the disposal of the government of the Republic and of Cameroonian sport to provide what I know how to do, because that is what I hold most dear.

During Arroga’s reign, the minister of sports, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, appointed a college of coaches who acted as supervisors, with the aim of helping the former do his job well. Arroga has now insinuated that the so called supervisors played a role in his sacking.

“A lot has been said and I have experienced a lot. And, one of them is that. When you have supervisors who have a job description and who are called to go and see and analyze the play of the opponents and bring the results of these analyzes to the technical staff, and that they do not really play their role, but instead enter in the role of the coach, it becomes a problem. So we had to expect what happened.

” I was stuck in my philosophy of play and choosing players, that is to say, competitive players in the Cameroonian league, players that I have seen at work. I was not there to accept a list of players that I do not understand.

Prior to his appointment on September 19, 2019 as Intermediate lions head coach, Arroga had spent most of his career in Europe. He however plays down claims that his none_mastery of the local league partly contributed to his downfall.

” I can’t say I didn’t know local football. There are white coaches who came to Cameroon and won competitions. When I arrived in Cameroon, I toured the country. I still had, at least, a list of 150 players that I controlled. I got to know Cameroonian players, I got to know Cameroonian football. And, I will continue to work so that my little touch can stay.

Arroga’s verdict on CHAN 2020

Though he never had the opportunity to lead the intermediate lions to the African Nations championship on home soil, Arroga feels the lions could do better than just a fourth place finish.

“I don’t want to judge anything after I left. I think I was on a good streak and that we had to do a lot of good things in this competition. There, I cannot judge those who continued the work, after me. They had a lot of problems, but they got to the semi-finals.

“As a coach and an observer, I think we could have done better. But, it is generally said that the ball is round. All the teams compete to win their matches. Now there are the realities on the ground that make it so that what you have planned is not what you achieve at the end. This is football too.


Afeseh Apong

Afeseh Apong is a graduate of the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC, and is currently Team press officer of PWD Bamenda

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