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St Fabien Mvogo, Eding’s president and new signing Abdoulaye Moustapha

With just 7 days left before the midnight of Saturday the 10th of March 2017 when the FIFA connect licence system for professional clubs in Cameroon closes, clubs have been very busy doing deals and making sure they seal their squads before the midnight of next Saturday.

So far it has been a very busy transfer period so decided to bring to you a summary of top 100 done deals so far.

1)Franky Junior:Bang Bullet FC to YAFOOT FC

2) Tresor Lionel Ndjomo Ndjana(Goalkeeper) : From Petrocub in Moldova to Eding sport FC

3) Mimong Donald(Forward): From Canon to USD

4)Meyoupo Paulin Stephane(Midfielder) : From YOSA to Eding sport FC

5)Brice Owona(Forward): From Apejes MFOU to Eding sport FC

6)Folhe Godstine Junior(Attacking midfielder):from Bang Bullet to Aigle Royal FC

7)Tayiwo Princewill(Goalkeeper):From Victoria United to Stade Renard Melong

8)Banga Frederick(Winger):
From Victoria United to Stade Renard of Melong.

9)Abdul Rayim(Forward): From AS Vita club to Eding sport FC

10) Francis Pierre Baliang(Midfielder) :From Bamboutous FC to Eding sport FC

11) Ngweni Ndasi Denis(Defender):From USD to Cotonsport FC

12) Francois Martin Kamga Mbiakop: From Brandenburg to Eding Sport FC

13) Francois Martin Kamga Mbiakop:From Brandenburg to Eding Sport FC

14)Gael Gregoire Nkama(Forward) : Union Mouvement Sportive after a failed trial abroad

15)Giresse Tchamake(Defender) :from Lion Blesse to Colombe Dja FC.

16)Serge Andoulo(Defender) :From New Stars to Cotonsport FC

17)Charles Zemba(Midfielder): From Eding sport to Cotonsport FC

18)Patrick Moukoko(Attacking Midfielder) : from Colombe Dja to Cotonsport FC

19)Eric Api Enjenwi(Defender):from New Stars to Astres FC.

20)Raphael Bissemou(Forward): From Aigle Royal to Colombe Dja FC

21)Tsogo Mengue(Goalkeeper):From YOSA to Colombe Dja FC

22)Banga Djob(Defender) :From NPB to Colombe Dja FC

23)Ousmaila BABA(Midfielder):Cotonsport FC after a failed Diaspora stop

24)Mbong Lionel(Defender):From USD to YOSA.

25)Ngang Christian Tsi(Attacking midfielder): from Lion Blesse to YOSA.

26)David Eto’o(Midfielder) : From USD to Eding sport FC

27)Boniface Zoa(Goalkeeper) : From Eding FC to Bamboutous FC

28)Charles Edoa Nga(Forward): from USD to Eding sport FC.

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29)Nkwetat Dorcas(Midfielder):From Lion Blesse to Fovu FC

30)Kouo Dicka(Defender):from Cotonsport to New Stars FC.

31)Marius Mouadilmadji(Forward): Cotonsport FC

32)Bassa Djeri Sabirou(Goalkeeper) : Joined Cotonsport FC as a free agent from Togo

33)Junior Ngongang(Forward) :From Racing Bafoussam New Stars FC

34)Gael Givet N. (Midfielder):From TKC Yaounde to Cotonsport FC

35) Eric Joel Ntiéché(Defender):From YOSA to UMS Loum

37)Ola Ola Yannick(Forward):From Canon Yaoundé to New Stars Douala

38)Acha Lovis(Defender):From YOSA to Astres Douala

39)William Essadjo(Midfielder):From Unisport Bafang to Bamboutous FC.

40)Léopold Mbem(Goalkeeper) : From YOSA to UMS

41)Richard Ebongue(Midfielder): From YOSA to Feutcheu FC

42)Daouda Alim(Defender): From YOSA to Feutcheu FC

43) Moustapha Anoko Abdoulaye(Defender):From Lion Blesse to EDING sport FC

44) Giresse Tamo Tinwo(Forward):from YOSA to Stade Renard

45)Roméo Tchamda(Defender): From UMS Loum to Astres FC

46)Paul Gravier Abouem Maya(Defender) :From UMS Loum to Cotonsport of Garoua

47)Neueur Arnold Ryan(Forward): from Chambly to Bamboutos FC

48)Yannick Fokeu(Goalkeeper) : From Aigle to Bamboutos FC

49)Platini Kaham(Forward): From USD to Fovu FC.

50)Cedric Djeugoue(Midfielder):From New Stars to UMS Loum.

51) KONYUY Jude(Forward):From FEUTCHEU FC to YOSA

52) Israel Kologni(Goalkeeper): From New Stars to Aigle Royal.

53) SHYNSHU DYDIMU(Goalkeeper): from Bang Bullet to Aigle Royal.

54)Lionel Essono(Defender):From Canon to EDING FC.

55) Collins Mafanya(Goalkeeper):From UMS to Astres Douala

56)Etta Bawak(Defender):From UMS to New Stars.

57) Pierre Balokog(Midfielder):
From Canon to Yaounde New Stars

58) Adoum Defallah(Goalkeeper): From Renaissance FC of Djamena to YOSA.

59) Mbaynaissem Jourdain(Goalkeeper): From Phar Rangers in Ghana to New Stars Douala.

60) Ashu Tambe (Midfielder):from Cotonsport to Feutcheu FC

61)George Belamo(Midfielder): From Cotonsport of Garoua to Unisport of Bafang

62) Jean Marie Happi Noubissi(Forward): From New Stars Douala to Unisport of Bafang

63) Mfongang Ronald Nkana(Forward): From Racing Bafoussam to Bamboutos

64) Bangwen Mbadi Frederic(Midfielder): From New Stars of Douala to Unisport Bafang

65)Nkwenti Tanwie(Defender): From NPB to YOSA.

66)Dikoume Kwate(Defender):Savanna FC to Bamboutos.

67) Ottou (Defender):From Racing Bafoussam to Apejes Mfou

68)Cedric Etoko(Midfielder):Cosmos Mbam to Bamboutos Mbouda

69) Nkot Nyamat(Defender): From New Stars to Bamboutos Mbouda

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70) Yacoubou Ekono(Goalkeeper): From Lion Blesse to New Stars

71)Fokam Sokeng:From Inter Yabassi to Bamboutos Mbouda.

72)Romauld Monthe(Defender) : From UMS loum to Bamboutos

73)Emmanuel Mooh(Defender):From DAC2000 to Bamboutos

74) Tony Achu(Midfielder): From DAC2000 to Cosmos Mbam

75)Herman Talla(Goalkeeper):From YOSA to Aigle Royal of Menoua.

76) Ssemakula Noah(Forward): Express FC in Uganda to Bamboutos.

77)Kunde Emmanuel Jnr: Joined Canon as a free agent.

78)Francis Maximilan Elimbi(Forward): From Aigle Royal

79)Baba Basil(Forward): Stade Renard to Feutcheu FC.

80)Megatche Ngansop(Defender):From YOSA to Bamboutos

81)Atangana Mvondo(Midfielder):From.Cotonsport to Eding sport.

82)Rodrique Wamou:From Feutcheu FC to Bamboutos

83)Dominique Koko Douala(Forward): From Canon Yaoundé to Bamboutos Mbouda

84)Andre Okalia(forward): From Talent D’Afrique to Colombe Dja

85)Yves Rostand Ngangue: From Cotonsport of Garoua to Colombe Dja

86)Robert Tamatieu(Midfielder):From Stade Renard of Melong to Bamboutos of Mbouda

87)Chevalier Pierre Victor: From Astres Douala to Bamboutos Mbouda

88)David Theophane Ngondo(Forward): From Eding FC to YAFOOT FC

89)Fabrice Esso Ndoudounou: From YAFOOT FC to Colombe Dja

90)Patrick Axel Supreme Ebengue:From Afamba Libil FC to Colombe Dja

91)Pascal Libongo: From Canon to Yaoundé to Colombe Dja

92) Dominique Douala Koko:From Canon to Bamboutos Mbouda

93) Tchounkeu Andres(Midfielder):From Panthere Nde to Astres of Douala.

94)Ane Serge: Joined Avion Nkam as a free agent

95) George Bekol Nde(Defender): Joined Eding FC as a free agent.

96)Onana Raymond(Forward): From Fovu to Canon.

97) Yannick Dagobert(Defender):From Canon Yaoundé to USD

98) Zambori Brice(Defender): to Cotonsport of Garoua

99) Taku Robert(Midfielder); Joined YOSA as a free agent

100)Richard Bassama Ntso(Forward):From Cotonsport of Garoua to Astres of Douala.

Expect more deals to be done especially by struggling clubs before this transfer window close on midnight 10/03/2018.

In a related development YOSA of Bamenda’s match day 5 game tomorrow in Bamenda against Unisport of Bafang will kick off at 2:00 PM local time instead of the initial programmed kick off time of 3:30 PM.



For details on these deals, Visit; Cameroon New Agency or or


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Panthère “New Look” du Nde getting set for the next season



panthere du nde

While the official kick off date of the 2020/2021 season of Cameroon’s football championship  is still awaited,  Panthère Sportive du Nde has already scheduled its return to the turf for July.

The announcement was made by President Jules François Famawa on equinox radio. He also took the opportunity to disclose the pre-season schedule of his Club.

”Despite the time out, the players are still the responsibility of the club. The first grouping is planned in Yaoundé for this month of July and will last for a period of two weeks. This will be coupled with the pre-selection of new players and friendly matches that will be organized everywhere: Panthère intends to go to Garoua in August and play a friendly match in Bafoussam by July 25 against UMS or Unisport. In September, we will definitively finalize the list of players who will start the championship scheduled probably for October. Panther this year will be called:

“ Panthère New Look.”

The club from the Nde division finished the previous season in the 16th place and hopes to do better during the next season which is to kick off in the months ahead.

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Football: Henri Bedimo embarks on a new coaching job



Henri Bedimo is not done with football. After announcing his retirement on June 16, 2020, the left back is back in football.

“Very proud to be admitted to the BEF (Football Coaching Certificate) Occitania Football League formation. A new adventure begins”.

It is in these terms that the native of Douala via his Facebook account announced his new beginnings in the coaching world.

Bedimo (36) was admitted to the Football Coaching Certificate training in the Occitania Football League. He therefore integrates the training centre for coaches located in the city of Castelmaurou in the department of Haute-Garonne in France.

In the days to come, the new “ex Indomitable Lion” wishes to share his know-how with the upcoming generations.

A look at his professional background as a player:
Years :             Clubs                                     (Goals.)

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2003-2006: Toulouse FC 27                      (0)

2006-2007: Le Havre AC 25                     (0)

2007-2010: LB Châteauroux 83              (4)

2010-2011: RC Lens 56                              (1)

2011-2013: Montpellier HSC 83               (1)

2013-2016: Lyon Olympics 103               (1)

2016-2018: Olympics of  Marseille 23    (0)



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PWD Bamenda could be stripped off its title of Champion of Cameroon- Learn how!

PWD of Bamenda who were crowned champions of Cameroon of the 2019/2020 football season after FECAFOOT called an end to the football season because of the coronavirus pandemic now risk loosing their crown because of an adjacent conflict.



The “Abakwa boys” who are actively preparing for their premiere at the upcoming CAF Champions League might see their dreams evaporate in thin air because of an adjacent conflict between Cameroon’s FA, FECAFOOT and it’s suspended Professional football League body LFPC.

The conflict between these two entities didn’t find a local solution and the matter was carried by the LFPC to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) with the following demands:to challenge its suspension pronounced by the federation on August 22, 2019, to cancel the professional championships season 2019-2020 organized by the Technical Transitory Committee (CTT) of FECAFOOT and to rehabilitate General Pierre Semengue, president of the LFPC.

Background History

The LFPC was indefinitely suspended by FECAFOOT which created a Technical Transitory Committee (CTT) to run the 2019/2020 football season.
General Pierre Semengue at the helm of the LFPC contested this suspension, taking the case to FECAFOOT’s appeals committee that gave a deaf ear. On January 29, 2020, Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration of Cameroon’s national Olympic Committee issued a report of non-conciliation and the LFPC carried its case to the CAS.

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The LFPC has paid processing fee of 14 million FCFA at the CAS and the latter had demanded FECAFOOT to provide its defence memo the latest on June 1st 2020. CAS has appointed a single judge, Professor Pascal Pichonnaz to arbitrate in this case between FECAFOOT and the LFPC.

The Stakes

In case the LFPC wins, the 2019-2020 season will be purely and simply cancelled and the LFPC and its president will be rehabilitated. This implies that PWD of Bamenda’s title of champion of Cameroon might loose its crown. Such a decision in the prevailing socio-political environment might create animosity in the minds of many.
Government through the Ministry of Sports and physical education should take the bull by the horn and bring a rapid solution to this conflict between these two football entities that has been existing for a couple of years now.

The decision of the CAS is being awaited in the upcoming days.

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