2019 Bum football tournament: Saff FC Vs Kichambo FC, clash of titans.

The Bum summer holidays football competition enters day two today with the first fire works encounter between current champions Saff fc and new comers Kichambo fc.

This is the first time the two sides are meeting in this Bum football bonaza and both teams will want to emerge taller in this head to head confrontation.

The two selections are relatively made up of very youthful experiences with the average age of twenty four.

The kichambo boys spanked Bahli united in their first outing by 2 goals to nothing while their today’s openents Saff fc suffered a 1 nil defeat to Buabua hot strikers.

The  boys of headcoach, Kiyam Blasius will be fighting to storm their  suprimacy as current champions by picking up their. first win today in this year’s session.  Brilliant talents like Ousman Basama, (last year’s top scorer),Kojo Clinton, Mbuh Denis and team mates are ready to stage a beautiful showpiece this afternoon.

Emblematic midfielder and captain of the no nonsense kichambo side, Fogwoh Goldin and team mates shall definitely be  aiming to record another victory and keep topping the championship table.    Team president,  Ngong Julius had declared that the red devils are coming into the competition to win the trophy and nothing less.

It shall be a very interesting confrontation at stade breseries, Ekie Yaounde (2:00pm local time).

Current vice champions,  Buabua hot strikers take on Bahli united at 4:30pm, same pitch.

The two sides are so verse with the playing style of each other and the better side for today shall grab the victory in todays encounter.

The four team tournament is aimed at reinforcing integration among sons and daughters of Bum. The competition ends in August with a gala night expected to take place on the final day.

By Romeo Nkenyi and  Hycenth Chia


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