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Cameroon Elite One: Complete Match Day 18 Results, And Unofficial Classification Table As PWD, Bamboutos Fc And Union All Kept Clean Sheets



bamboutos vs colombe


Cameroon Elite one championship after 14 days of break resumed during the weekend and some exciting results were recorded as PWD Bamenda, Bamboutos Fc, Union Douala, Canon of Yaounde, Tonnerre Kalara Club and Stade Renard of Melong all clinch first victory at the start of the second segment of the national championship organized by the Technical Transitional Committee











1- COTON  SPORT36 pts
2- PWD BAMENDA32 pts
3- BAMBOUTOS  FC28 pts
4- COLOMBE  FC27 pts
6- FEUTCHEU  FC26 pts
10- APEJES MFOU23 pts
11- FOVU CLUB23 pts
13- UMS LOUM22 pts
14- PANTHÈRE NDE22 pts
16- EDING SPORT21 pts
17- UNION DOUALA20 pts
18- AS FORTUNA16 pts
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Cameroon Elite One: Discover How Tonnerre Kalara Champions Top 3 Unbeaten Runs In The Championship This Season



The Cameroon Elite One championship this season can be rated as one of the best over since its creation to professionalism (Professional Football) as every club aims to be the league winner and none wants to be relegated to the Elite Two championship. Worth noting ever since the start of the 2019/20 season is, only three teams have gone more than seven league games unbeaten in the league thus far ( Tonnerre Kalara Club, PWD Bamenda, and Cotonsport of Garoua).


Tonnerre Kalara Club 11

Tonnerre Kalara Club is the only club in the championship this season with 11 games unbeaten which began with a 0-0 draw with Colombe on matchday 3 and ever since then, Tonnerre Kalara Club was unbeaten in 11 games, recording 5wins, 6draws and 8 clean sheets.

Why Tonnerre Kalara Club Had A Long Unbeaten Run?

With coach Sylvanus Nguekep at the technical bench, key defenders like Onyehor Ugoe and Steve Mimche and star man and veteran striker Gregoire Nkama who scored close to 8 goals were key elements who contributed to the long unbeaten run as they recorded 5 wins, 6 draws and 8 clean sheets during their 11 games unbeaten run. This, however, came to end with a 2-1 defeat in the hands of Avion Academy

It should be noted that TKC has harvested just 6pts from a possible 30 after that unbeaten 11 games run and surprisingly occupies the 17th position with just 32 points at the relegation zone



PWD Bamenda

The “Abakwa boys” who won 7 points out of a possible 18, in their first 6games of the season, coach David Pagou had to change things around as he combined young and old players to come up with a solid unit.

The Bamenda base side actually went 9 games unbeaten as they recorded 6wins, 3draws and seven clean sheets in the process.

Why The Unbeaten Run FOR PWD BAMENDA?

With their poor run of form in the first six games, coach David Pagou had to change the fortunes of the club as PWD became genuine title contenders during this unbeaten run. Key players like backwire Ngwang Brian, Nchindo John Bosco and Leon Boyomo who is the league’s top scorer with 11 goals couple with their fan club were all elements that made PWD Bamenda enjoy a 9 game unbeaten run.

However, the unbeaten run came to an end as Fovu beat them 2-1 on matchday 16 and It should be noted that PWD Bamenda has harvested just 9 points out of a possible 24 in their next 8 games after the 9 games unbeaten run. This was because of injuries of some key Players like John Bosco and the lights of Leon Boyomo and Ngwang Brian who were in involve the CHAN preparation caused PWD Bamenda their inconsistency after their 9game undefeated streak.


coton sport

It’s no news that Cotonsports will be amongst the top three long unbeaten runs of the season.

The Cotonites went 9 Games unbeaten this season recording 5 wins, 4 draws and three clean sheets in the process.

Why Cotonsport Were Unbeaten In 9 Straight Matches?

With an experienced coach in the name of Emmanuel Ndoumbe Bosso at the helm of the technical bench, coupled with the professionalism that characterized the club hierarchy, the Garoua base side had to go for a 9games unbeaten run.

Also with cream of experienced players like Thomas Etah Bawak, Alphonse Tientcheu, Bang Binjeme, and goalkeeper Omossola Simon were also key to the 9games undefeated streak.

However, this unbeaten run came to an end in the hands of Panthere as they lost 2-0.

This was due to the fact that coach Emmanuel Ndoumbe Bosso was appointed assistant to Clement Arroga to handle the intermediate lions.

This had a negative impact as coach Ndoumbe Bosso was busy concentrating on the CHAN preparation rather than Cotonsport.

This caused Cotonsport a lot as they went 8games without a win (D5, L3) hence led to the termination of Ndoumbe Bosso’s contract and Souleymanou Aboukakar was appointed the new coach of the cotonites.

The fact that Cotonsport lost close to 6 of their key Players to the CHAN Preparation was also another factor that led to Cotonsport’s inconsistent form.

However, PWD and Cotonsport despite their inconsistency, they still occupy the top two positions of the league table.


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Cameroon Elite One: Panthere Sportive Of NDE Uncomfortable As Leads Worst Top 5 Attacking Teams After Day 28.



The classification table published on the Fecafoot website shows clearly the clubs with the porous attacks or leaky attacks with just 6 playing days to go.


Panthere Sportive du Nde

After 28 games in the championship, The club can only be proud of just 18 goals scored with an average of  0.64 per game which is the lowest comparing it with the other clubs in the League. This probably explains why no player (Attacker) of the club is among the first 22 top scorers this far and only the goalkeeper of the club was selected in the preselected list in preparation for the Total African Nation Championship (CHAN). According to the goalkeeper of Panthere Sportive of Nde  Anye Derrick Fru told Dream FM reporters in Bamenda after their nil draws on the 11th December 2019 in match day 12 “that the club comes from a Region were 7 of Cameroon top-flight clubs come from and therefore makes it difficult for them to get the best with the limited resources they have”. That seems to be true because the club finds itself in the 15th position which is the last among the 7 clubs in that Region. With just 6 games to the end of the championship, the coach and the administration will need to effectuate their attackers and bring out the best from them for more goals to be scored and win a better position to scare off the relegation zone.


Tonnerre Kalara Club 11

With a team nursing the ambition of bringing back the glory days, one will not belive that Tonnerre Kalara Club that was performant in the first round of the championship now sees themselves battling to escape the relegation zone. With 28 games gone into the championship, The club can only be proud of just 19 goals scored with Gregoire Nkama scoring 7 goals out of the 19, Meaning the rest of his Teammates have scored just 12 goals amongst them. A possible explanation could be that the club’s general performance this season has not been the best as they find themselves at the 17th spot with 8 wins in 28 games. Others in their viewpoint blame the inhouse battle amongst the leaders which has affected the performance of the players and lack of resources to manage the players. As historic as the team with a high portfolio in Cameroon football, it will be disappointing if the club is relegated back to the Elite two championship. With six playing days to the end of the championship, Team spirit and back to winning ways will be a better solution to escape the relegation zone.


ums loum

USM of Loum has been one of the best in the championship in the last four years since its promotion in the top flight championship (Elite One) with two league titles and a prestigious cup of Cameroon. But surprisingly this season, the club has battled with form and could only find themselves among the porous attacking teams in the championship this far as they occupy the 9th spot.  They have only managed to score 23 goals after 28 games in their account the worst goal scoring records since their demise in the Elite One and are only above Panthere Sportive and Tonnerre Kalara Club but the club can be proud of the best defense in the championship conceding just 19 goals, Although no player for the club makes the preselected list in preparation for the CHAN. A possible explanation for their poor attacking performances could be their system of play (Defensive), which doesn’t give room for too many goals and lack of players benefits have seen the team performance dropped drastically. With only six games to the end of the league, UMS Loum will need to improve their goal scoring ability to stay at the middle of the league table because their safety from relegation will depend on the goals they score as just 5 points separate them from relegation fighters Panthere Sportive of Nde and Avion Academy.


Avion Academy and Pierre Batamack

Avion Acadamy this season has been one of the teams competing for the league title this season with their brilliant performances during the first round of the championship. But with nothing to write home about, the second round of the championship has become a complicated one for Avion Academy with five outings as of January without a victory, Avion Academy moves from a comfortable fourth position and now plying their trade in the relegation zone. Only 24 goals have been scored with 28 games gone and are only higher than Pantherre Sportive of Nde, Tonnerre Kalara Club and UMS of Loum possibly because Mfeque Rodrigue has scored 8 goals out of the 24. Their general performance in the second round has not been the best. They have lost 13 games and draw 6 out of the 28 games played. A possible explanation for their poor attacking performance could be their poor defensive nature (with 34 goals conceded) which gives less stability in the team. All hopes are not lost for the team as just 5points separates them from 9th place UMS of Loum. Mfeque Rodrique will need to pair with another swift attacker for more goals if they nurse any hope of escaping the relegation zone.


dragon yaounde

Dragon FC Yaounde

With Dragon Of Yaounde already doomed for relegation at the 18th position with just 28points from 28game making an average of 1point per game but the club seems to have a better-attacking performance than Pantherre Sportive Of Nde, Tonnerre Kalara Club, UMS of Loum and Avion Academy. With 28 games gone, the club has 25 goals in their account. A possible reason why they find themselves among the worst attacking teams in the championship this far could be their generally poor performance in all compartment, they have lowest wins (7 wins), the highest lost games (14 lost games), conceded the highest amount of goals (43 goals conceded) and have the highest goal difference (-18). It will take a miracle for Dragon Of Yaounde to survive relegation and this will only be possible with 6wins without a defeat “IF NOT WHY NOT”

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Cameroon Elite One: Dragon Yaounde Lead’s Worst Top 5 Defending Teams After Match Day 28



dragon yaounde

With the Elite One season coming to a dramatic and nail-biting finale at the ends of the table, it’s worth taking a look at the defenses that have got their respective teams to their current standing, at the bottom.

Looking at the official table, it is easy to guess who has the leakiest backline but dig deeper and there are plenty of intriguing details to uncover.

dragon yaounde

Dragon FC Yaounde

Statistics don’t lie, and the figures against Dragon Yaoundè are pretty damning. They have conceded the most goals in the division with 43 goals on the Against column, while only two teams have enjoyed less possession than them thus far.

They have also conceded an average of 18.1 shots per game, again the highest of the 18 teams and just marginally more than Eding Sport and Avion academy. Their tally of 14 defeats is also the highest in the Elite One, although, with one win and one defeat in their last two games against  Feutcheu FC and relegation rival AS Fortuna, it appears their season is not doomed just yet with six more playing days to go and with all facts and figures, concludes they have the worst defense in the Elite One this season

You’d imagine a defense with the vast experience from last season, should not be as porous as it has been, but with just five clean sheets it is no surprise to see them at the bottom of this ranking.

eding sport

Eding Sport FC De La Lekié

Either Eding Sport is the nicest, most mannerly team in the Elite One or they just don’t know how to defend. The Lekie’s began the season with Minkreo Birwe in charge before replacing him with Jules Abah Onana in January, but very little has changed in the defense.

They have also conceded an average of 20.2 shots per game. Their tally of 13 defeat is also the second-highest in the Elite One, although, with two wins in their last two games against Tonnerre Kalara Club and title chaser’s Coton Sport of Garoua it appears their season is going to be favorable as they now occupy the 10th position. With facts and figures, sees them as the second-worst defense in the Elite One championship.

This has resulted in just seven clean sheets, and with just six games to go, Eding Sport will need to put more concentration on the backline not to concede more goals and continue to win games if they nurse any hopes of staying in the Elite championship.


Avion Academy Douala

Given that the Douala based club have propped up the bottom of the table for some time now, it’s no surprise that Avion Academy desperation and willingness to battle has also seen them fall to the bottom of the table

You might have expected more from a team that was top at the league table in the middle of the first quarter of the championship to be the favorite for the league title, but their concession of 34 goals makes them the third most leaky backline in the Elite One Championship.

The current form table also suggests that they are on a downward curve, having gone five matches without a win and just two clean sheets in 11 games to leave them firmly rooted in that too.

With just nine wins and 13 defeats in 28 games, Avion Academy has it all to do if they are to escape the red zone with six games left to turn it around. With these facts and figures, sees them as the third-worst defense in the championship this season


Panthere Sportive 11 In Photo

Only three teams have conceded more shots than Panthere sportive of Nde this term as they somehow managed to claim a relatively impressive 8 clean sheets despite showing obvious signs of a porous defense for most of the season.

The Nzuimatos have also conceded three goals or more on three occasions, their 1-3 defeat at Yong Sport Academy in early March a particularly low point for the Nzuimatos.

With Fovu Club, Colombe FC, Feutchue FC, UMS Loum, Canon Sportive, and AS Fortuna to come in their remaining six games, it is difficult to see how they are going to improve on their current form which has seen them pick up just 12 points out of 30 in their last 10 games, which included costly defeats to relegation rivals Dragon of Yaounde and Avion Academy.

The new head coach has led his sides to commendable draws against Apejes of Mfou, PWD Bamenda, Bamboutos FC Mbouda and Avion Academy since arriving in January, but their failure to keep it tight at the back and close out games means they have only seven wins to their name, to tie with Dragon of Yaounde for the least in the division. With all these facts and figures, again rate them to be the fourth team with the worst defense this season

apejes fc de mfou


For a team so high up the table and under the usually shrewd and thrifty stewardship of Ndongo Ema, it is surprising to learn that Apejes of Mfou have conceded three or more goals 4 times this season.

However, the 11th placed Mfou club has managed to keep an impressive 7 clean sheets en route to 8 wins and 13 draws to leave them partially well placed to survive the drop with just six games remaining.

Goalkeeper Junior Dande and center-back Abel Grace Mkani have played more games than anyone this year, but it is the lack of quality and consistent reinforcements that have been Apejes undoing in defense thus far.

And although not yet safe from the trap door into the Elite Two Championship, their current form suggests they can get the necessary points to achieve safety with six games still to rates Apejes Mfou as the fifth team with the worst defense this season.




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