AFCON 2021

AFCON 2021: Can Cameroon Become The 9th Nation To Host And Win The Tournament?

It has always been a task for host nations of major football competitions to host and win tournaments, but this has been unrealistic in the last two decades, especially in the Africa cup of nations.

The Africa cup of nations have become more difficult for host nations since the turn of the century.  In fact, only two nations have hosted the tournament since the year 2000 and won it: Tunisia in 2004 and Egypt in 2006.

But ever since it’s inception in 1957, only eight nations have hosted and won the AFCON: Egypt’s three of their seven titles have been won on home soil (1959, 1986&2006), Ghana in 1963 and 1978; Ethiopia in 1962, Sudan in 1970, Nigeria in 1980; Algeria in 1990, South Africa in 1996 and Tunisia in 2004.

Since then, no nation has hosted and won the competition. Only Ghana and Equatorial Guinea reached the semi final as host nations in 2008 and 2015 respectively.

Cameroon being one of the most successful and fearless football nations in the continent will want to correct the mistakes of 1972 when the hosted and lost in the semifinals to Congo. This is a new era with so much hope and expectations from the present team.

In the last five years,  Cameroon has hosted the African Women’s Cup of nations, The African nations championship and even the African Handball Women’s Championship,  but did not win these tournaments.

Looking at the 28 man list of Antonio Conceicao, many still dought the wether these crop of players can bring glory to the nation. But others are still optimistic about the team. After all no one gave the 2017 squad a chance,  but they made the nation proud that year.

Also with players like Vincent Aboubakar who scored the winner against Egypt in 2017 will be one of the key players should Cameroon win this tournament.  He scored three goals in the qualifiers, and had closed to 79% shot on target rate.

Karl Toko scoring the decider against Côte d’voire in the World cup qualifiers,  makes him one of the main players in the squad. He is one of the top scorers of this year’s Europa league with Olympic Lyonnais. Also the lights of Moumi Ngamaleu and Michael Ngandeu will be key to these new generation of Cameroon players ahead of the afcon.

Other Facts About the AFCON. 

-Egypt in 1957, Ghana in 1963, Libya in 1982, South Africa in 1996 and Equatorial Guinea in 2012 are the five teams to have hosted the tournament in their debut appearance.

-Egypt in 1957, Ghana in 1963 and South Africa in 1996 are the only teams to have won the tournament in their debut appearance.




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