Ahmad Ahmad Runs To CAS For Help

Giovanni Wanneh,

Sports Writer

Following a sour five – year ban inflicted on the former president of the Confederation of African Football, Ahmad Ahmad, the Malagasy has opted to report to the Court of Arbitration for Sports.

On November 23, The adjudicatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee found Ahmad Ahmad, the
President of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and a FIFA Vice-President, guilty of having
breached art. 15 (Duty of loyalty), art. 20 (Offering and accepting gifts or other benefits) and art. 25
(Abuse of position) of the 2020 edition of the FIFA Code of Ethics, as well as art. 28
(Misappropriation of funds) of the 2018 edition.

It is for this reason that Ahmad’s entourage came out with a release on Wednesday, November 25, 2020 reading;

Mr. Ahmad Ahmad files an appeal before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) Tuesday, November 24, 2020.

Ahmad Ahmad, President of CAF and Vice-President of  FIFA has announced that his board is filing an appeal before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) in order to strongly challenge the conviction of the Chamber of Justice and FIFA  Ethics Commission.
A five-year ban on any football-related activity – at national and international level – as well as a fine of CHF 200,000, was imposed by the FIFA Ethics Commission, Monday, 23 November 2020, against the President of CAF and FIFA Vice-President Ahmad Ahmad.
This decision was impartial. During months of the investigation conducted by
The Chamber of Inquiry of the FIFA Ethics Commission, headed by Maria Claudia Rojas, against the African Confederation of Football.

The latter was also quick to make an urgent decision
without disclosing the reasons for her sentence, despite the case’s seriousness.
The reason for such, perhaps that this conviction would prevent President Ahmad from being re-elected to the
CAF presidency in the elections scheduled for March 2021, despite the many support already declared in his favor. An appeal will therefore be made to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to challenge this
incomprehensible and shocking decision.
The Appeal will also be accompanied by a request for suspensive effect,
not to aggravate the harm suffered by President Ahmad, and to allow him to campaign for re-election as Caf President.
Mr. Ahmad Ahmad’s team thinks that the facts were presented in a largely questionable and
disputable manner.

For example, FIFA’s mandate was given to the audit firm PwC to investigate the administration of  African football, even though this firm had previously worked for  CAF and under the mandate of this, creating a conflict of interest and a problem of obvious lack of impartiality. Also, ongoing rumors of possible FIFA involvement in the work of the  Ethics Commission have consistently resonated in the European and African press. Leaks of information
relating to the current procedure – which is supposed to be strictly confidential – and systematically unfavorable to President Ahmad, have been made public by press, preventing, in fact, the conduct of a serene investigative work.
Even the hearing of President Ahmad, to which was denied the right to present some of his witnesses at a hearing in the no-charge was not held to the expected and usual standards.
It results from these irregularities that the facts were presented in a largely questionable and
a disputable manner, by the FIFA Ethics Committee.


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