All You Need To know About The Finals Of The Njie Clinton End Of Year Festival

All You Need To know About The Finals Of The Njie Clinton End Of Year Festival

Indeed, all is well that ends well. The Njie Clinton End Of Year Tourney turned out to be a huge success.

It wasn’t just about the football games on the afternoon, but, a fine display of socio – cultural uniqueness from traditional dances, Ngando Pikett and team’s assico to Afro – pop, and some sort of Bakweri Lingala.

It sure takes a whole lot to get thumbs up from the federation, but that, Njie Clinton and his crack team managed to do.

Talk about pure culture; the mystical nganya dance, the pride of the Bakweris, was well and truly decoded by HRH Moja Moja at the very start.

The day began with a third place game pitting Dynamo Moscow against Olympique Lyonnais.

Dynamo lost from a goal up, just like in the semi finals, as Olympique Lyonnais leapfrogged them two – one.

In anticipation for the climax of the tourney, the town of legendary hospitality (Buea) was on standstill.

Guests of honor: Mr. Abba (D.O), Flaubert Nono; Director at Ecole de foot brasserie, Senator Mbella Moki and Wilson Dacosta started flooding the Buea Town Municipal stadium.

Guest artist Witty Minstrel performed the song titled: ‘ we’re proud of who we are’ before kickoff, while Mola Mongombe came in strong with some chilled music.

At that point, FIFA referee Justus Mbele Mbele and his assistants were already getting warm with workouts.

The moment of truth finally arrived. Inside a full house, as Ngong Ivo and Dingha George started with enthralling commentaries.

The game proper looked intensed, but never at one point did Tottenham Hotspur look to dominate. Marseille took an early 16 minute lead courtesy Benedict Henry.

The second half was animated by Afro-pop sensation – Kameni, before Olympique Marseille just looked to rock Tottenham, and seized the game from the start of the second segment.

Tangiri Frankline, Agbor Emmanuel and Benedict Henry were all on the act as Olympique Marseille hit Lyon for four.

After all the events on the day, down it went to prize awards.

Awards of the competition were handed by partners Camwin Lotto.

Player of the Tournament: Emmanuel Agbor of Olympique Marseille

Highest goal scorer: Tangiri Frankline of Olympique Marseille with 3 goals

Man of the Match: Nangeri of Olympique Marseille

Best goal of the tournament: Tongua Junior’s bicycle kick for Tottenham against Olympique Lyonnais

Fourth place: Dynamo Moscow (Muea and Bomaka) was handed the sum of 200 thousands

Third place: Olympique Lyonnais (Buea Town and Bokwoango) handed 300 thousands

Second place: Tottenham Hotspur (Tole, Small Soppo, Longstreet and Clerk’s Quarters) handed 600 thousands

First place Olympique Marseille
(Bonduma and Molyko) handed the sum of 1 million

Njie Clinton was filled with joy after the prize awards ceremony, and channelled thanks to all and sundry.

‘I want to thank the authorities and the Buea population. Subsequent editions will be better, as this is only the first. Thanks to the journalists, supporters and my family,’ the striker ended.

The player’s PR Rene Katche who works for the CRTV played a huge part in success of the event.


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