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APEJES vs STADE RENARD: Post match reactions from the various coaches

Sokba Oumarou of APEJES believes his victory is derived from collective play while Jean Pierre Ngwe of Stade Renard puts the blame of his defeat to poor scheduling and fatigue of his players


Jean Pierre Ngwe, Stade Renard

Part of our defeat is due to poor programming of our match and fatigue. We left much energy in our last encounter against Coton Sports and had no time to recover. APEJES was in top form. We came back in the second half, had 2 goal opportunities but couldn’t score. Luck was not on our side today.

We have acquired some new players to reinforce positions which posed a problem and the new players are getting adapted. Against CANON, it will be a different game.


Sokba Oumarou, APEJES

I said it earlier, Stade Renard beat us 2-0 in the away leg. Today, our players played collectively well. In the 2nd half, we lost much energy and were dorminated. What is most important is to have taken the 3 points.

Haven scored earlier gave us a feeling of liberation and it was easier to handle the rest of the game with less pressure.

Against Union, it will be very difficult but if we can take a point there, it will be a good point. We will prepare our players psychologically to face the challenge.


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