CAF Elections: Mamadou Gaye Hits FIFA, Asks Ahmad To Expose Infantino

Legendary Sports Journalist and football expert Mamadou Gaye on a lengthy discuss with was livid about the current state of affairs, and blames FIFA boss Infantino, for catapulting the Confederation of African football into an uncompromising doom.

The story

It is alleged that FIFA president Gianni Infantino interfered and sort of imposed Ahmad as CAF president during the March 16, 2017 CAF Elections.

“Omari, Ahmad and others should come out and tell Africa and the world what really happened in those meetings to topple Hayatou…(Money Laundering, frauds, womanizing”, Gaye opined. Giving his credibility and reputation on the continent for putting out the truth brutally, Mamadou Gaye’s outing lifts the eyebrows. The Ivorian went on to call the names of CAF boss Infantino, Fatma Samoura, and Veron and culprits.

Mamadou Gaye

He then continued: “Infantino misled Ahmad, corrupted Ahmad, womanized Ahmad and turned around to portray Ahmad (CAF President of 54 African countries) as the mother and father of all sins.

The Supersports consultant then went on “poor Africa. The most corrupt is always your own brother, Africa becomes the mockery and laugh of the world.

Mamadou Gaye on Supersports

Our highest authorities keep bowing on the knees of Infantino for pocket money, grant money, and hand outs”

Before this lengthy outing, Gaye had told this reporter that of course, Infantino has to meddle with CAF elections because CAF has 54 out of 211 FIFA votes.

“Charges should be laid against Infantino in as many African countries,” he continued: ” It should be done by group of fans, supporters, and arrested like the Americans did in Zurich to all FIFA corrupt officials”.

Then came the bombshell, as Mamadou Gaye released the name of a candidate FIFA through president Infantino, wants to spearhead as CAF chief.

“The real battle this time is Infantino trying to impose Patrice Motsepe on us.”

Patrice Tlhopan Motsepe (businessman, 58 years old), is one of four, vying in to succeed Ahmad. He is known to have made his fortune from mining. He is the president of Mamelodi Sundowns, the Pretoria township club, winner of the African Champions League in 2016.

The election is scheduled to be held on March 12 in Rabat in Morocco.

The CAF President would also become a FIFA vice-president.


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