CAF Interclub Competitions: Zamalek and Pyramids oppose CAF’s proposal to postpone champions league semifinals.

Egyptian power house Zamalek and Pyramids FC have opposed the idea of CAF postponing the CAF Champions league semifinals. 

This comes one after the confederation of African Football (CAF) made known the new calendar for the 2020/21 football season in continent.

With the venues and dates for the semifinals already know, disturbing news from Morocco say the coronavirus pandemic is on the increase, and this has cause the pan African Football organization to inform participating teams that, they are concidering postponing the tournament.

This idea was received with mixed feelings by the participating teams, as Zamelek and Pyramids oppose the idea with the Zamelek president Mortada Mansour saying the matches should be played in Egypt.

“I propose we play the home and away games of the CAF Champions league semifinals in Egypt.  We welcome our fellow Moroccans,  for whom we have all the love and appreciation”, said Mansour in the club’s website.

Mortada Mansour, president of Zamelek

“But we refuse to postpone the games because of a deal made between Mohammed Fadi,  a member of the normalization committee and some Moroccan teams.

“The league harmed many Zamelek players and they were insisting on resuming the league just so Al Ahly beat us but the opposite happened. 

“Despite our situation,  I consider Zamelek as being the only club that benefited from the league’s resumption as we now sit second,  securing us a spot in the Champions League,  while our rivals didn’t benefit from it”. He concluded. 

Also, it should be noted that, the son of Zamelek president,  Amir Mortada Mansour confirmed that, they are not the only club taking this stance as the league rivals pyramid believe the tournament should not be postponed.

The matches are set to take place in late September but it is unclear what’s CAF’s final decision.


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