CAFCC: Three Questions From Coton Sport Pathetic First Leg Defeat Vs Denis Lavagne

JS Kabylie With The Advantage Going Into The Second Leg

Coton Sports may have lost the first battle, but they have most certainly not lost the war. The 15 time Cameroon League one champions will head to Algeria with a 2-1 deficit to overturn in the second leg of their CAF Cup semi-final against JS Kabylie.

Three Questions

1. Will Soulemanou finally beat Denis Lavagne This Sunday?

This is not the first time Coton Sport vs JS Kabylie is meeting in official competition. The two coaches had gone up against each other before. Before the Coton Sport semi-final first leg defeat, there had been two previous Soulemamou vs Lavagne, The Algeria coach Denis Lavagne has been the better coach with 2-0 wins. All two wins at the group stage of the CAF Cup. The French tactician seems to be a coach who knows how to score goals against Soulemanou panic defences. So, what will happen next Sunday? Maybe it’s another draw and maybe one of these teams progresses on the away goals rule. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

2. Will Kamilou Daouda start the second leg?

It was in the 88th minute of the first leg that Soulemanou made his fourth change, replacing Francis Tombi with Kamilou Daouda. As mentioned above, this wasn’t Francis most effective game, although a lot of that is credit to JS Kabylie. Kamilou didn’t do too much either after he came on. In my opinion, Francis Tombi fully deserved the start ahead of Kamilou for this first leg, but what happens now in the second leg? Kamilou now has 6 minutes on his last game. So, will the Niger striker start the second leg? And, a slightly different question, should he? Whatever the answers are, the Kamilou narrative will be brought up again and against over these next four days.

3. Can Narcisse Nlend start another run?

There was no clean sheet for Nlend last time out, but it wasn’t his fault. Maybe he would have been better staying put when the chance arrived for the Ahmed goal, but, honestly, he was just put in a bad situation. The big Cameroon keeper made several important saves, none more impressive than the early one against Mohamed . He was great once again and we’ll see if he can start a new run of not conceding. When the Ahmed goal went in he was so devasted. Now, he’s already back up to 90 minutes. Let’s see when he next concedes because he has been absolutely brilliant of late.


Elvis Kang

Elvis Kang is a graduate With a Diploma in Journalism from ALISON Online University Has worked with Eternity Gospel Radio 📻 Limbe Presently a sports Consultant with CAM1 TV Limbe

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