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CAFCL: David Pagou’s fair analysis of PWD’s early elimination, a message to Cameroonian clubs

David Pagou has expressed his dissatisfaction following PWD's early exit from the CAF champions league, but is impressed with the reaction from his team.

The head coach of Cameroon league one champions PWD of Bamenda, David Pagou, has bemoaned the several chances his team squandered against Kaizer Chiefs, but is satisfied with the content of play from his team.

PWD drew zero all with Kaizer Chiefs at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg on Saturday December 05, but bowed out on goal aggregate, as Kaizer Chiefs had won the first leg in Limbe 1#0.

PWD’s starting XI vs Kaizer Chiefs at the FNB Stadium

In an exclusive interview with coach David Pagou, the tactician gave a fair assessment of the double header against Kaizer Chiefs, lessons learned and the way forward.

“Our early elimination is a deception, given the results. We lost at home 0#1 and playing a zero all tie away against a very big team like Kaizer Chiefs, the second richest club in Africa. If you look at the top 50 in the classification, PWD does not feature amongst. To me it is really disappointing, especially for the fact that we had opportunities to score one or two goals”, David Pagou told

“We did not score a goal, we conceded one and were eliminated, but I was satisfied with the content of play that the boys produced both at home and in Johannesburg and I think it is promising for the championship that will begin Maybe in February”.

“There are lots of regrets because when you look at the two games, we could have done something better”, Pagou added.

PWD arrived South Africa on Saturday afternoon and had less than five hours rest before taking on the Amakoshi. No time to do a recognizance session or acclimatize.

“We arrived on the day of the match, about four hours to game time and we managed to produce the result that we had, so I think there was hope, but the conditions did not permit us to be ready the way we would have loved, but we have learned lots of lessons from these outings, that those are matches that are won based on small details, such as administrative problems, environment and I think the management has learned a big lesson, because we were late everywhere, even at home there were certain things that we did not do and I think Cameroonian teams will learn to be better organised so as to avoid these small details which always hinder the results”, Coach Pagou explained.

“Everyone within management was new in this kind of competition because it was the first time. The lessons have been learned and we have to pass from there and grow and I think everyone has learned a lesson and it is good for PWD of Bamenda, whom I think in future will become a top level club. We have seen that small details count, organisation, things are to be done on time, so that nothing should be lacking”.

The Abakwa Boys’ maiden CAF champions league participation ended in the preliminary round. Their win hungry spirit will now have to be quickly tilted towards the Cameroon League one Championship, whose kick-off date is still unknown.

“I think in the championship, we will be up to the task because we will learn from our mistakes and capitalized on it. Technically, it is rather unfortunate that we may have a break before the Championship, because we were already in a good rhythm, because all the internal training camps that we have had, have really helped us grow. I think we still have hopes to be Cameroon Champions again because we have seen that football is on the pitch. We are very happy for our journey, even if we have been eliminated”.

The Abakwa Boys are leaving the competition with heads high. They were not disgraced as many prophets of doom had predicted. Coach Pagou and his boys will leave south on Monday morning, to return home and continue working, this time around applying the lessons learned from their continental experience, even if it was short lived.


Afeseh Apong

Afeseh Apong is a graduate of the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC, and is currently Team press officer of PWD Bamenda

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  1. We have one of the best coaches in Africa and the best in Cameroon.
    E has given us a good name and though we are out we bowed out with honor.
    Let’s get home prepare and come back stronger next season .

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