Cameroon: 3 Things To Retain From The National Interpools 2019

The curtains of the 2019 edition of the National Interpools have been drawn with 3 clubs qualifying into the league 2championship.

The winners

Divided in 3 groups of 3 and 4 teams, Foncha Street FC, Ngoundéré FC and Stade FC Bertoua are the lucky 3 who won heir ticket into league 2 championship. With a total of 39 goals scores,  Brillant Awahmukala of Foncha street FC emerged as best goal scorer with 4 goals.

West Region with 2 representatives
2 clubs represented the West Region and all from the Noun division: volcan FC and riziere FC all from the noun division took part in this competition. Volcan FC, champion of the West region was disqualified because of 2 players in their ranks who were accused of identity fraud and was replaced by Rizière FC of Noun. Nevertheless, Volcan FC took the case to the chamber of arbitration of the national Olympic committee and won the case, bouncing back into the competition.

No Club from Centre, Littoral of West Region in many decades

This is the first time in many decades that the National inter pool competition ends without the qualification doesn’t qualify a team from the centre, littoral or west region. Whereas these 3 regions form the bulk of licensed footballers in Cameroon and dominate the top flight and second tier leagues.



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