Cameroon: FC Yaoundé II is rebaptized “YAFOOT”

FC Yaounde II becomes YAFOOT

Created in 1996, the 21 years old Yaoundé two municipality club have gone through countless high and low moments but the involvement of Yaoundé based politician Luc Assamba has seen the clubs good fortunes come alive within the last two seasons.

One year ago, the dreams of having a club named FC Yaoundé 2 in the first tier of Cameroon football was not shared by many.Those associated with the club could dare dream and the fairy tale story is now a reality,FC Yaoundé two would line up as a division one club next season all be it as YAFOOT FC.

On the brink of elimination from the national Interpol, the center regional club went on bended kneels and prayed for AS Bethel to beat Victoria united FC of Limbe to give them a chance of qualification for a play off to elite two.Bethel did the job on Victoria united and gave Yaoundé 2 an opportunity they took and got into Elite two.

Since then,the guidance of Coach Atangana Ngandi have made the team enjoy Success reaching the cup of Cameroon quarter finals, winning the league two title with 60 points from 34 games and as reward getting promotion into elite one. A story YAFOOT FC would not forget in a hurry

The club’s Pre season activities are reaching top gear now and training ahead of next season started on Monday. 3 weeks ago the executive top manager LUC Assamba announced to the media the club would be called YAFOOT FC come next season sitting the desire to improve the following of the club as his motivation.

Now that FC Yaoundé 2 is YAFOOT FC the entire city of seven hills would certainly rally behind her and other center regional clubs; Eding,Dragon,AS Fortuna,Apejes Mfou to bring back smiles to its football family.



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