Cameroon Football Crises – Boycott of match Day 1 Championship Games

Referees and Coton Sport present but Avion of Nkam is no where to be found

Never in the history of Cameroon football has a crises shaken the local top flight championship to this magnitude.

After the boycott by Eding Sports and Yong Sports Academy of the championship opener, sunday 27th January witnessed the same dramatic football drought all through the various stadia which had to host the top flight games.

Only 3 clubs made it to the stadiums; Coton Sport of Garoua was present in Limbe but their opponent Avion FC of Nkam remained in Douala playing a friendly game against UMS of Loum.

Avion fo Nkam playing a friendly against UMS Loum while being awaited in Limbe

Colombe which equally had to face New Star of Douala were left loitering alone in an empty Middle Farm Stadium. In Melong, Stade Renard was present as well as Feutcheu FC but Feutcheu went alone on the pitch with the referees and took some souvenir pictures.

In Yaounde, TKC of Yaounde was denied a forefeiture win over Union of Douala who didn’t deem to come to Yaounde. The match commissioner noted the fact that none of the TKC players possessed a regular licence. The registration slip produced by TKC was rejected by the match official.

At the Annex 1 stadium, neither AS Fortuna nor UMS Loum showed up for the games.

Referees present at the Annex 1 stadium but the teams were absent

Hence, no football game was played in Cameroon over the weekend as the Trade Union of Elite Clubs have decided to boycott the league if their plea is not heard; the holding of a General Assembly prior to the kickoff of the football season.
The President of the Cameroon Professional League, opponent to the Elite club president is bent on starting the league and holding the said General Assembly in February.

The days ahead will add more colours into the unprecedented drama and Cameroon’s Football Federation – FECFAFOOT is watching the situation afar.

Let’s keep the ball rolling…

NKEDE Lawrence


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