Cameroon Football: Littoral Stadiums to host Professional Football for the first time in three seasons.

The football loving population of the littoral region of Cameroon will be happy again as professional football returns to their newly constructed stadiums for the first in three seasons. 

This comes after the minister of sports,  Professor Narcisse Mouelle Kombi handed  a list of 22 modern football pitches to the officials of the Cameroon Professional Football League, during a ceremony, this Wednesday in the nation’s political capital,  Yaounde.

A total of five stadiums from the Littoral region have been selected, in preparation of the new professional football campaign in the country.

Amadou Ahidjo Stadium

Apart from the five stadiums in Littoral,  stadiums were also selected in the West, Center, North and the South West Regions of Cameroon.

Full List of Stadiums. 

-Amadou Ahidjo Stadium (Center)

-Omnisport Stadium Annex (Center)

-Olembe Stadium Annex 1 (Center)

-Olembe Stadium Annex 2 (Center)

-Mbankomo Stadium (Center)

-Japoma Annex Stadium 1 ( littoral)

-Japoma Annex Stadium 2 (Littoral)

-Bepanda Reunification Stadium (Littoral)

-Bepanda Reunification Annex Stadium (Littoral)

-Bounamousadi Stadium (Littoral)

-Kouekong stadium (West)

-Kouekong Annex Stadium (west)

–Mbouda Municipal Stadium (West)

-Fotso Victor Stadium in Bandjoum (west)

-Bamendzi Municipal Stadium (West)

– Tocket Stadium (West)

-Limbe Omnisport Stadium ( South West)

-Omnisports Annex Limbe (South West)

-Limbe Centenary stadium ( South West)

-Buea Municipal Stadium (South West)

–Roumdje Adja Stadium (North)

-Roundje Adja Stadium annex (north)

It should be noted that, the home grounds of YOSA, UMS of Loum, Stade Renard of Melong and that of OFTA of Kribi will be used by the aforementioned clubs in the upcoming season.

Though, the stadiums are ready, the start of the new campaign is still uncertain as the cold war between the Cameroon Professional Football League and the Cameroon Football Federation is still far from over.


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