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Cameroon league in need of goal scorers

I have been following the MTn Elite 1 and 2 leagues for a couple of years now and each time i go into a stadium, i want to see the goals, but Cameroonian football trains more of defensive midfielders than strikers.

On June 28th, I got seated in position to watch the 1st encounter of the 19th day of play at the military stadium in Yaoundé, Canon of Yaoundé faced last and first from the bottom of the classification table – Lion blessé (The Wounded lions).

My appetite for goals grew as i focused on gathering statistics on Canon of Yaoundé’s new striker, 190cm tall, number 9 shirted, Claude Ngueasra.

Fouls commited: 5

Number of duels won: 0

Number of duels lost: 2

total number of successful passes: 4

Total number of unsuccessful passes: 2


He was eventually substituted after 58minutes of play. What a disappointment!!

It’s difficult for a club in the Elite league to score more than a goal in a match. Most matches end up in a 1-0, 1-1 or even 0-0 tie. This chronic lack of forward players who can take initiatives and shoot at goal has gone a long way to affect the performances of our clubs and national team on the international level.

My wish is to see more goals and excitements on the pitches of Cameroon’s MTN league 1 and 2 games.

Claude Ngueasra, we need the goals!!!!!


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