Cameroon: LFPC Decorate another badge of actors for the month of February

The Cameroon professional football league (LFPC) has published a list of outstanding affiliates to different elite one clubs the month of February.

The team of the month published by LFPC on their social media handles this Saturday at 8:00 PM local time comprise of 11 most performant players and a coach for the month of February.

The Cameroon professional football league began on the 11th February and all clubs played at least 3 games before the end of last month.

Table toppers at the end of the month of February, Feutcheu FC of Djiko Bandjoun have 3 players in the team of the month of February and their coach too.

Defender Daouda Alim, Midfielder Richard Ebongue Ebongue goal scorer twice in February, Forward Ashu Tambe with 2 goals and an assist in February and coach Magloire Mfutila makes the team as Feutcheu FC employees.

Champions Eding Sport FC of Lekie have 2 players in the best XI for February. Defender and Captain Ngombe Etame and forward and top scorer Christian Emmanuel Nguidjol Bayemi with 4 February goals in 3 games are in the team.

Earlier this month Nguidjol Bayemi who now has 5 league goals to his name was designated best player for the month of February after he scored all of Eding Sport FC goals for the month.

The other elite one clubs,Bamboutos(Boniface Zoa) ,Banga Solomon Bienvenue (Colombe),Astres(Tchamda Romeo),Fovu(Enonga Etoga),Gabriel Appolonaire Kack Kack (AS Fortuna)

Kamilou Daouda the Cotonsport goal guarantor scored 3 goals in February and has been picked to partner former team mate Ashu Tambe and Nguidjol up front.

In a newly introduced category, LFPC selected 19 year old Chadian forward Marius Mouandilmadji scored twice for Cotonsport in February as the best young player while goalkeeper Zoa Boniface of Bamboutos gets the nominated as the best short stopper for February with 4 clean sheets in 4 games.

Should LFPC continues this then it will surely eradicate the controversy and criticism that has accompany the end of season awards in the previous years.



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