Cameroon MTN elite one championship: Day 12 results and Details (Update)

Day 12 of the MTN elite one championship just like previous match days have so far produced shock results. Amongst which are Fovu’s 2 nil defeat by APEJES, Astres failing to win against Yafoot after an impressive weekend result against New Stars. So far 8 of the 9 day 12  games have been played with 11 goals scored.

In 7 of the 8 games, goals were scored with 6 home wins registered plus 2 draws and no away win.

The best win was Coton’s 3 nil win at home to Stade Renand while the most surprising win was the 2 nil win registered by Apejes of Mfou to take Fovu off the top of the table.


Tombi Alomi.

It was Tombi’s second goal in 2 games all as substitute. Tombi now joins Momaso and Willy Nnameji on 2 goals.

YAFOOT FC 0-0 Astres

Bamboutos 1-1 Unisport

Unisport opened scores in Limbe through Raymond Komleu and Bamboutous equalized 2 minutes after through Cyrille Ndaney.

Cyrille Ndaney’s goal was his 3rd of the season after he previously scored against Dragon FC and New Stars of Douala.

Apejes 2-0 Fovu

Yannick Gombo,Ndam Mountala.

APEJES victorious over Fovu

Colombe 1-0 Fortuna

Ibrahim Mpondo.

Ibrahim’s goal was Colombe’s 4 of the season in 12 games and earned Colombe’s 3rd win of the season. 2016 league one winner Rostand Kako made his debut Colombe of Dja.

New stars 1-0 Aigle Royal

Yvan Guedema(OG)
This latest defeat is the second in the consecutive under coach Birwe

Aigle Royal in trouble waters but Hermann Tala stood tall above the rest

Hermann Tala

Feutcheu 1-0 Dragon

Ashu Tambe Clevis.

Ashu is the second best scorer of the season so far with 7 goals.

Thursday 5/4/2018

Cotonsport 3-0 Stade Renard

Marius Mouanjilmadji x3. It was a complete demolition work from the 19 years old Chadian centre Foward whose 3 goals now takes his season tally to 8 goals. He scored Coton’s first goal in his debut in a 2-2 draw against Fovu. His hat trick on Thursday means he has now scored against Fovu, APEJES, UNION, Yong Sports,  UMS plus stade Renard. Scoring 5 of the 8 goals this season in Garoua. Single handedly, Marius has won 12 out of Coton’s 23 points this season with winning goals against YOSA, UMS, UNION and now Stade Renard.

Eding Sport FC VS YOSA (Still to be programmed)


Top Facts from Match day 12

1) UMS of Loum scored a goal at home for the first time in 4 games and earn her first time.

Marius Mouanjilmadji is the 1st player to score a hat trick this season, his hat trick on Thursday in Garoua came in the 107th game of the season.

2) Apejes defeated Fovu 2 nil in match day 12. It is APEJES biggest win of the season and Fovu’s worst defeat since they got promoted.

3)New Stars benefited from an own goal to register her 3rd win of the season.

Marius Mouanjilmadji scored 3 goals to became the 1st player to score 3 times in a game this season. Remarkably, the 19 year old Chadian scored his hat trick in the first 33 minutes of the encounter.

4) Bamboutos failed to win against Unisport and takes the club run without win to 4.
Colombe’s goal today from Ibrahim Mpondo was Colombe’s 4th goal this term.Aigle and Colombe Dja FC are the lowest scorers with 4 goals this season.

5) Astres pull a draw today to create a long list of teams that have now registered 5 draws.They include; YOSA, Eding Sport FC, Colombe and Apejes Mfou.

6) Feutcheu FC’s victory over Dragon and UMS win over USD was the clubs 6th win of the season. Fovu lost today but the club equally have 6 Victories to show for this season.

7) Clevis Ashu Tambe scored again on this match day to take his season goal tally to 7.
Aigle and Dragon suffered defeats this match day to take their number of defeats to 7 each.

8) Marius Mouanjilmadji takes his season tally to 8. he has now scored the same number of goals by Colombe of Dja and Aigle Royal of Menoua put together.

9) New Stars 1 nil win takes the tally of home win for New Stars to 3 wins fetching 9 points from those winds

10) Fovu conceeded twice taking the number of goals conceded to 10 this season.
Ndaney Cyrille scored Bamboutos 10th goal of the season.

11) Gombo Yannick scored his 3rd goal of the season for Apejes. His goal for Apejes takes the tally for Apejes trio ;Joel Moukeu(3 goals),Brandon Simon Moukete (4goals) to 11 goals. 3 other players have scored for the club this season.

The level of competition this season is one that guarantees uncertainty every match day.

A moment of silence was observed for former indomitable lions Onana Eloundou who passed away earlier this week.

Best Attack: Cotonsport of Garoua 17 goals scored

Best defensive: Yong Sports Academy 2 goals conceeded


League Table after 12 days of play


Classification of best scorers:

Marius Mouanjilmadji, 8 goals (Cotonsport)

Clevis Ashu Tambe, 7 goals (Feutcheu FC)

Christian Nguidjol Bayemi, 5 goals (Eding sport FC)

Tamo Giresse Tinwo , 5 goals (Stade Renard)

Daouda Kamilou, 5 goals (Cotonsport)

Brandon Simon Mukete 4 goals (APEJES )

Gombo Yannick, 4 goals(APEJES)

Joel Moukeu, 3 goals (APEJES )

Abdel Salam Mefira, 3 goals (AS Fortuna)

Marius Ngon a Tati 3 goals (Astres)

Richard Ebonge Ebonge 3 goals (Feutcheu)

Gabriel Appolonaire kack Kack, 3 goals (AS Fortuna)

Ndaney Cyrille Fils,3 goals(Bamboutos FC)




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