Cameroon Mtn Elite One: Top statistics after day 3 games

As the 2018 elite one season continues to produce action and attraction around the country, took interest in some top stuff about the league so far.


0) Zero represent number of goals Aigle and Colombe have scored this season. Aigle have played 3 games so far while Colombe have played 2 games.Two of Aigle’s games have been against previous winners UMS Loum and Union Sportive Douala.While one of Colombe’s game has been against 14 times champions, Cotonsport, both clubs have failed to score against Bamboutos FC.

ZERO goal scored by Aigle de la Menoua

0) Zero: YOSA, Bamboutos and Eding have conceded zero goals this season. EDING have played 2 games less.


1) One goal was enough for YOSA to end Stade Renard’s over two years unbeaten home record to Elite visitors.
Since Renard got promoted to elite 1, they have now suffered just a single defeat (Against YOSA).The last team to beat Stade Renard in Melong was Renaissance of Ngoumou in Elite 2 in 2016 when Stade Renard got promoted to Elite one. YOSA did end a similar record for UMS Loum, Stade Renard’s neighbour last season.

Stade Renard of Melong loses at home for the first time since entry into Elite One


2) Two represent the number of times Cotonsport have given away a two goals lead this season.The two occasions are against Fovu in match day 1 and against Apejes in Match day 3.


3) Three represent the number of clean sheets Adoum Defallah of YOSA and Zoa Boniface have kept at their new club.

Three equally signify the number of goals this season’s top scorer KAMILOU DAOUDA has scored in 3 games.He scored his first goal for Cotonsport in 2007 in a 3 nil league win over Saible of Batie.

Daouda Kamilou, 3 goals in 3 matches (1 header and 2 penalties)


4) Four Represents the maximum number of first half goals in a game this season. It happened in match day 3 in Garoua in the clash between Cotonsport of Garoua and Apejes of Mfou.


5) Five represents Colombe are now on a 5 game winless streak in one following virgin tie yesterday against Bamboutous FC. The Club’s last elite one win was a 1 nil win over Canon Yaounde on the 10/09/2017.

Colombe of Dja and Lobo still to score a goal


6) Six Represents the number of Elite one clubs that host their opponents in the Center region this season. (Dragon FC,Eding FC,AS Fortuna, YAFOOT FC,Colombe Dja and Apejes Mfou)


7) 7 Represents the winless streak that YOSA break by beating Stade Renard 1 nil in Melong yesterday. Going into yesterday’s game YOSA had failed to win in her 7 previous league 1 outing.


8) Eight represents the maximum number of goals scored in a game this season.It was in the Match day 3 clash in Garoua pitting Cotonsport to Apejes Mfou.

Cotonsports 4-4 APEJES


9) After Match day 3,there have been 9 home wins from 23 games.


10) Represent the number of Elite clubs that are originally of the Center region this season.5 in Elite one and 5 in Elite two


11) Eleven represent how many years it has been since this season elite one top scorer Kamilou Daouda scored his first Elite one goal for Cotonsport. (see details above)

Summary stats

In match day 3, 18 goals were scored across 8 fixtures making an average of 3.5 goals per game.

While 2 clubs won away from home with YOSA beating Stade Renard to become the first elite one club to win a competitive elite one game in Melong

Only two clubs won at home (YAFOOT and AS Fortuna) coincidentally both clubs are newly promoted in Elite one and are both based in Yaounde.

In Match day 3, two games ended without a goal and it was the first time this season that two encounters have ended without goals in a Match day.

All 3 newly promoted clubs won in match day 3 for the first time this season. YAFOOT FC beat Unisport and Fortuna beat UMS of Loum to both register their first win this season.

Just one previous winner of the league (Fovu) registered a victory in match day 3.

Expect more in this week’s ahead…




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