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Cameroon: Two coaches victims of road accidents

Birwe Minkreo of coton Sports of Garoua (extreme Right)

Coton Sports head coach Birwe and Bamboutos of Mbouda’s Jules Nyongha were yesterday victims of road accidents in two various cities of the country.

Birwe Minkreo of Coton Sports ran into a tree with his vehicle at marouare (Garoua) while Jules Nyongha was hit by a motorbike in Douala after leading his side to a draw game against Astres of Douala yesterday sunday 20th August 2017.

Jules nyongha of Bamboutos of Mbouda

Both coaches  were taken to various hospitals and the medical verdict says their lives are not at stake.

Jules Nyongha has been transported back to Mbouda where he’ll go through a thorough medical check up.

Birwe Minkreo of Coton Sports is going to miss out in the decisive match to be played today 21st august when his club Coton Sports locks horns with New Stars of Douala.

Birwe Minkreo’s car that hit a tree in Marouare


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