Cameroon U23 and Intermediary lions: A cruel lack of international experience

Cameroon’s intermediate lions

After the disappointment of Cameroon’s intermediate lions at the last CHAN, much has been said about the aptitudes of Coach Rigobert Song and National coaches in general. But, what can we really expect from players who are so lack international experience?

In fact, over the FIFA break, Cameroon’s U23 and intermediate lions are never involved. These teams are abandoned once they have taken part in a competition, and resurface only a few days before the next competition, that is to say in 2020 for the intermediate lions. We will then call a Cameroonian coach and we will ask him to do a miracle. It is also during this same period that public opinion will be interested in the team and will demand results. In view of this situation, Rigobert Song’s greatest sin may have been to have endorsed the unrealistic goal assigned to him – win CHAN 2018.

How can we expect our local players to be internationally competitive if their international experience is so weak? In continental club competitions, their teams almost never cross the preliminary rounds; they play no regional competition because Central Africa is the only zone that doesn’t organize a football competition; they are not called into the senior squad. It’s in such context that friendlies for the U23 and intermediary indomitable lions should be the last option to offer international experience to our local players, to prepare them for long-term competitions and especially to ensure their follow-up.

In addition, the attitude displayed by the LFPC during the FIFA periods is amazing! During this period, MTN Elite 1 and 2 matches are scheduled, which means that even if local players are selected, they will have to make a choice between the national team and their club. A conflict of interest that had greatly affected the preparation of the intermediary lions at the last CHAN

Important dates:

24/01/2018: last match of the intermediary Lions during the CHAN (Cameroon vs Burkina Faso)

08/06/2017: last match of the U23 Lions (France vs Cameroon) with no local player present.


By André Marie Awoumou. M


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