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Cameroon Women’s Football League: Match Day 3 Full results and standings

cameroon women football league
Cameroon Women’s Football League – Alexandra takunda on the ball

Group A:
Eding sport Filles 0⃣1⃣ ASFF Diamare
Canon de Yaoundé 1⃣2⃣ Éclair de Sa’a
Amazones FAP 3⃣0⃣ Maranatha FC Douala

1⃣ Éclair de Sa’a 9 pts. (+3)
2⃣ Amazones FAP 7 pts (+6)
3⃣ ASFF Diamare 6 pts (+2)
4⃣ Canon de Yaoundé 2pts (-1)
5⃣ Maranatha FC Douala 1 pt (-5)
6⃣ Eding sport Filles 0 pt (-5)

Éclair and Amazones will meet on Sunday in what shall be the Game of the Week.

Eding sport have issued a complaint to Fecafoot – Officiel over the game against Amazones FAP where they didn’t show up on time and were considered as Losers by walkover 0⃣3⃣.

Group B
AS GREEN CITY 0⃣0⃣Renaissance de Figuil
AS AWA FF 2⃣– 0⃣ Social football filles du MBAM

Louves Minproff 5⃣0⃣ Caïman Filles de Douala.

This match took place under a heavy rainfall and Caïman were down to 4-0 after 30 Minutes. The team from Douala is yet to score in 03 matches.

1⃣ Louves MinProff 7pts (+7)
2⃣ AS AWA FF 5pts (+2)
3⃣ Renaissance de Figuil 3pts (+0)
4⃣ Social du Mbam 2pts (-2)
5⃣ AS Green City 2 pts (-2)
6⃣ Caïman FF Douala 2pts (-5)

The 4th day of play shall take place on Sunday March 31st.

Courtesey: Amoureux elite 1&2


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