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Cameroon’s Presidency Sets Date For the Finals of the Cup of Cameroon and Championship Kick-off

The dates of the final of the Cup of Cameroon has been set by Cameroon's presidency.

In a communiqué signed by the Secretary general of the presidency, Mr Ngoh Ngoh Ferdinand, the finals of the cup of Cameroon has been scheduled for Sunday 13th of March 2022 and shall be presided by Cameroon’s Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute.

The communique reads:

“I have the honour to inform you that the President of the Republic has given his go ahead for the holding of the 2020-2021 edition of the football final of the cup of Cameroon on Sunday, March 13th 2022 as from 3pm at the Yaounde Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium.”

The communiqué further goes on to schedule the date of the kick-off of the top flight championship.

“The launching of the national football championship for the 2021-2022 season has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 16th 2022.”

The Cameroon FA led by Samuel Eto’o and Ministry of Sports and Physical Education will have to see to it that these recommendations from the president of the Republic are applied on the field.

Football is occupying more and more space in Cameroon’s political arena, as football has for long left the pitch to be played in the offices. The just ended AFCON was a demonstration of political power, as the Cameroon Football Federation was almost relegated to “spectator” in the organization of the event.

The change of Cameroon’s football coach and technical staff was equally executed on the demand of the Presidency of the Republic and transmitted to the Cameroon FA via the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education.

The new elect president of Cameroon’s FA, Samuel Eto’o has a different vision of sports management in Cameroon. In recent exchanges with the Ministry of Sports and Physical education, Eto’o clearly showed his intention of changing habits so that football related decisions should be managed from the Federation. Nevertheless, old habits do die hard as the politicians are trying to keep their grip on football, which is a political tool as well as the opium of the people.


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