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CHAN 2020 & AFCON 2021 Preps: Ahmad Ahmad – “Cameroon has done more than we asked”

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At the end of his working visit to Cameroon as part of the preparation for CHAN 2020 and AFCON 2021 to be hosted by the West African nation, Ahmad Ahmad, CAF’s supremo, made a strong statement on Cameroon’s national radio and television channel (CRTV). Best Quotes:

On the climate

“And even within the same region, there are differences in climate. So if you are really African, if you love Africa, you have to accept it as it is ”

On Cameroon’s preparedness

“I think that there are few countries and especially with a political authority that has invested so much money in the construction of stadiums. This is already a great recognition of the African football confederation. Cameroon has done more than we asked her to do. Stadiums that can even host world cup matches! So there is no doubt about it. As for other aspects such as the organization of the AFCON, we are reassured, but that does not prevent us from setting up this monitoring committee so that we can go day by day from now on to follow the evolution of work still to be done»

“If we set up a monitoring committee it is not to make another decision, but it is to support, there is a difference, it is to support”

“Everything is almost set (for the CHAN). In terms of infrastructure, there are five stadiums that are already available. We have seen the planning of the other stadiums. We are sure that on the eve of the African Cup of Nations, there will be 7 stadiums available. “

On the stakes of the AFCON

“I had this opportunity to speak at length with his Excellency the President of the Republic (Paul Biya). He understood everything about the stakes of the AFCON. We want to perpetuate this competition. We want our young professionals to always come back to the continent to give us the best of themselves. I even appeal to all Cameroonians, let’s go together to organize this beautiful African celebration, so that we can expose to the whole world that Cameroon is a great football nation, and very proud of its children. “

On the broadcasting of matches

“We want matches, we’ll have them; we’ve already paid, but  we do not broadcast. But here too we are not closing the door to discuss with African public channels through the UAR, to see together how we can develop the contract that we have established, and the collaboration that we have established. Because beyond this aspect of transmission, of broadcasting, there is also production. We know that some African televisions today have the means to produce matches in the country itself. We are revising but everything cannot be done in two and a half years… We have to meet, discussed and everyone brings his contribution ”

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