CHAN 2020: Cameroon Vs Mali, A Match Of High Stakes

By Etienne Mainimo, Sports writer

Cameroon and Mali will on Wednesday January 20 face each other in the second Group A match of the ongoing African Nation Championship, CHAN currently going on in Cameroon.

The encounter will decide the future if the two teams in the competition. Given that the two teams secured respective victories in their first outing, Wednesday’s encounter will decide the fate of the two teams in the competition.

A win for Cameroon will take them to the top of the position with six points thereby guarantee a place in the competition if they can secure a draw in their match. However, Mali will also have the same if a victory comes and a draw with Zimbabwe in their last match.

Intermediate lions defeated Zimbabwe 1#0 in the opening game on Saturday

If Cameroon and Mali happens to play a draw and either Zimbabwe or Burkina Faso records a victory, the paring becomes tight and only the last group matches will determine each team’s fate in the competition.

To avoid complications during the last minutes, the Intermediate Lions of Cameroon need to secure a victory during their second match. They have to win and win “big” so as to ensure their qualification into the next round of the competition.

Knowing what awaits the team, coach Mpile of Cameroon has to work on the attack line as well as the wingers so as to ensure victory. The match promises not to be easy given that the Malians will want to protect their chances of also going through into the second round.

Their urge to the game is high and only the last whistle will produce the final story.


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