CHAN 2020: Three Observations From Cameroon’s Pathetic 1-1 Draw To Mali

Cameroon 1 - 1 Mali

Elvis Kang,

Sports Writer

This game fell apart for Cameroon fast even though they went up after 6 minutes with a brilliant header from Banga yet again but the lead only lasted for 6 minutes as Mali equalised from a set piece through Issaka Samake.

The halftime whistle momentarily ended Cameroon’s suffering. Mali then came out of the tunnel again and Martin Mpile on the pain: at the end, the game ended with a tier. It was a pathetic match that should make the intermediate Lions ask themselves one big, hard question. But I don’t think they will

All Mpile Answers For Cameroon’s Defense Are Wrong

Cameroon’s defense has been awful for this game. Sure, the midfield ostensibly there to help them (Felix Okine, Kevin Mfede, and Thierry Tchuente) was next to useless, but you still expect better of the intermediate Lions

Suffice it to say that Haschou Kerrido and especially Etame Ngombe who came in as substitute in the early part of the first half looked completely out of their depth. Etama was so overwhelmed chasing down Demba Diallo and Mousa Kone . Haschou Kerrido exceptionally excellent on duty as he made a couple of saves to keep Cameroon hopes alive. Mali had so many chances

It’s outrageous that Ndtoungo Mpile will not recall at least Valentine Beo Bato in the starting XI and he should really recall both Beo Bato and Basil Yamkam. He has no excuse. The backups are not up to the task.

Front Three + Immobile Midfield = No Offense

On paper, you’d think a front three of Meyong Alfred, Man Ykre, and Martin Assomo would be a real threat. In normal circumstances, you’d be right. But this is Ndtoungou Mpile Lions we’re talking about. Cameroon’s offense was supported by the trio of Tchuente,on the right, Mfede on the left, and Oukine sitting deep in the middle. That’s one dynamic back-to-back midfielder stuck on one side of the pitch, and two slowpokes who arguably should no longer be part of this team.

Mfede did little of note, and Oukine Felix played so deep yet so ineffectively that he neither helped Cameroon move forward nor helped their hepless back line stave off wave after wave of Mali’s fast attacks. The midfield also spectacularly failed to put pressure on Mali in the middle. Time and Time again

Pathetic, But How Far Will Cameroon go?

The worst aspect of the game? The complete lack of interest and passion. Mali came to play. They have had a better game against Burkina Faso and they are a quality team even though they had no league game before the tournament just like Cameroon

But I have my doubts that any of this will matter. Cameroon may not finish at the top of their group because the team is not right. This team has persistent problems in practically every area of the pitch, and especially in the defense and midfield.

How long will it go on? Perhaps we’ll find out on Sunday 24 January 2020, when Cameroon plays it last group games against Burkina Faso. But don’t expect the Lions to do anything rash in the meantime. They’ve made their bed, and all signs indicate they intend to sleep in it a while longer.


Elvis Kang

Elvis Kang is a graduate With a Diploma in Journalism from ALISON Online University Has worked with Eternity Gospel Radio 📻 Limbe Presently a sports Consultant with CAM1 TV Limbe

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