CHAN Entrapment – The UNTOLD Story


Since the launch of the first edition of the African Championship for local players , some must have wondered about the feasibility of the tournament for participating teams !!
The first thing that comes to mind is that it’s a refreshing tournament for the teams of the continent, especially for players who do not find the opportunity to represent their country in their senior national teams.
But by examining the impact of the tournament and its qualifiers which are usually cumbersome, especially with the long trips across Africa, in addition to the main reason and untold story .. That the tournament with its qualifiers is counted as FRIENDLY GAMES in FIFA Ranking calculations, which makes all games get the minimum rating points and increase the total matches played by the national team that participates .. Thus it negatively affect the average score in the FIFA Ranking .. Which means a continuous decline in the classification of African teams participating in that tournament or qualifiers ..
And here It should be noted that FIFA Ranking is the official standard for the composition of qualifying groups for World Cup and even the World Cup finals itself .. It is worth mentioning that as a result of a match official or friendly waged any national team continue to affect points of FIFA Ranked for whole 4 years !!!
Let us ask again what is the benefit of that tournament in CAF Calender, which is already fully charged with a large number of dates, matches and various tournaments !!!
In fact, after looking for strong reasons for making this decision and making the time and space outside the FIFA Dates to find time for that tournament, we’ll find that the goal is only to include a new tournament for which CAF gets the revenue of broadcasting matches from the original decision-making company in Africa with regard to football.
That is why I call on all the continent’s unions that really want to preserve a distinguished place for their national teams and their continent accordingly on the global level, that they should all avoid this trap that attracts them every year.


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