CHAN FRENZY -Good to know: Who scored the fastest goal in the history of CHAN?

Two players detain the record of the fastest goal in a CHAN competition:

Moroccan El Bahri and Mauritarian El Voulany both scored at the 1st minute of play in the 2014 edition of CHAN that took place in South Africa.

El Bahri scored in the group stage match between Burkina Faso and Morocco on January 14th 2014, that ended 1-1 at the Athlone stadium in Cape Town, South Africa.

Brahim El Bahri

2 days later on January 18th 2014, Ely Cheihk Voulany (El Voulany) equally scored at the 1st minute against Burundi, a game that ended 3-2 in favour of Burundi.

El Voulany

These are the record holders.

But it’s equally good to know that on that same 18th of January, Erwin Nguema Obame of Gabon scored at the 2nd minute as Gabon went on to beat RD Congo 1-0 in the group stages of CHAN 2014 in South Africa.

Norman Morato of Zimbabwe equally scored a 2nd minute goal at the 2011 edition against South Africa in a game lost on a 2-1 score.

Credit can equally be given to Serge Lofo Bongeli of RD Congo.

In the 2nd Semi finals of CHAN 2009 played on the 4th of March 2009 at the Stade Félix Houphouêt-Boigny in Abidjan between Zambia and RD Congo. Serge lofo Bongeli of FC Mbemba opened score at the 3rd minute of play. RD Congo went on winning the game 2-1 and eventually the finals which saw them being crowned as 1st ever champion of the CHAN competition.


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