CHAN In Retrospect: 2016 Edition Holds The Record Of Most Goals In Tournament’s History.

Since the inception of the African nations championship (CHAN) in 2009, over 300 goals have been scored with the 2016 edition recording the most goals scored in the tournament’s history. 

The 2016 edition recorded a total of  80 goals in 32 matches in that year with an average of 2.5 goal per game.

Rwanda was the host that edition and the champions were DR Congo.

The 2009 edition records the lowest in the tournament’s history with 30 goals in 16 matches with an average of 1.88 goal per match. 

The Various Editions and Goals Recorded


-2016 Edition: 80 goals in 32 matches (2.5 goal per match)

-2014 Edition: 73 goals in 32 matches (2.28 goal per game)

-2011 Edition: 59 goals scored in 32 matches (1.84 goal per game)

-2018 Edition: 58 goals scored in 32 matches (1.81 goal per game)

-2009 Edition: 30 goals scored in 16 matches (1.88 goal per).

Many hope that Cameroon 2020 will break the record of 2016 and set another for Algeria 2022.

The 2020 edition of the Total African nations championship (CHAN) will start on 16th of January 2021 with host Cameroon to exchange soccer punches with Zimbabwe.



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