Cinyodev FA 3-3 H. O Academy: Coaches Reactions.

Cinyodev FC and H. O Academy seperated on a 3-3 draw in a match day three clash of South West Regional championship. 

H. O Academy were the masters of the first half as Wansi Joseph,  Samnick Daniel and Ashu Vincent scored the three first half goals for H. O Academy,  but the wheels fell off in the second half as Tabi scored their equalizer followed by a brace from substitute Adian to clinch a point for Cinyodev.

The second goal for Cinyodev FA was a controversial one as many fans, including the Assistant referee thought the ball had passed through a hole found on the net but however,  the center referee pointed to the center for a valid goal.

Coaches reactions. 

Coach Boka

Concerning the game..

“I’m very happy of my guys,  they came, they played and everybody saw them play. They played well but unfortunately, after they scored three goals, they were not playing football because opponent Cinyodev threatening the referees. They stopped the match at least 7 times but i’m happy for the draw. Happy with the draw,  get everybody go home and the referees home than to get a win and somebody get injured by the opponent. 

Concerning the players’ performance

“They gave their best. I can not say they did not play well as they started the first half but the central referee was a cheat. That’s why we got the draw. 

Concerning the controversial goal..

“I respect the referees, the referee say that is a goal but my focus is to encourage my players to score” H. O Academy coach told the media. 

Coach Oben Ntui

Concerning the game…

” It was a good fight and we told them to believe in their capacity and play the football they used to play so as to contain the opponent. 

Concerning the Super Sub..

“Yes I realized that my left fullback wasn’t really in his best,  so I replaced the other player who is very offensive.  So that we can push and have goals. I also realized the defense of H. O Academy was heavy. 

Concerning the controversial goal. ..

” I blame the lines man because when is a goal, you came to the center.  So I don’t know for what reason he waved his flag because we don’t want referees like this to come and play polemics in south west football”, coach Oben Ntui of Cinyodev. 

The first round of pool A is over with H. O on the driving seat with 7 points,  followed by Prisons and Cinyodev with 4 points each and Mount Cameroon with 1 point in three games.

Match day four will see Prisons host Mount Cameroon, while H. O Academy host Cinyodev FA.



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