Continental FA 0-2 Options Sport Academy: Coaches Reactions.

South West Cup of Cameroon preliminaries.

Options Sport Academy of Limbe beat Continental FA 2-0 in one of the most entertaining football matches of the season,  as the academicians from Limbe sealed a second consecutive round of 32 ticket. 

A Julio Mpamb deflected shot from the Continental FA keeper gave Options Sport the lead at the 46 th minute while Willibroad Ndosah scored a brilliant goal after benefiting from a well executed assist from captain,  Peter Paul to seal a 2-0 victory.

Acting coach and president,  Neba Henry praised his opponent,  but highlighted the fact that his side were the better side.

“it was quite an interesting game, we had so much respect for Continental.  They have an excellent side but at the end of the day we were the better side two goals against zero”, Neba Henry told reporters. 

Neba Henry

Concerning the performance of his goalkeeper. .

“it takes the eyes of a prophet to see a prophet.  It took my smart eyes and that of the technical team to see the qualities of Mr Ebere Festus who is an exceptional goalkeeper and second to know in the region.

Why he rested some of his players. .

“We have a series of games to play and we are preparing to play against Victoria United on Wednesday,  so we decided to rest some players and gave the other players the opportunity to showcase their talents”, he added

Options Sport Academy joins Cinyodev FA and EEMSA as the flag bearers of the region at this season’s cup of Cameroon round of 32.



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