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Coton And Fovu Are Cameroon’s Flagbearers In 2021/22 CAF Interclub Competitions.

Coton Sport and Fovu of Baham are the Cameroon's representatives at the CAF Interclub Competitions.

Coton Sport of Garoua and Fovu of Baham have been chosen by the Cameroon Football Federation (Fecafoot) to represent Cameroon at the 2021/22 CAF TotalEnergies Interclub season. 

This comes following the deadline put forward by the confederation of African Football (CAF) to its MAs to present their representatives before August 10, 2021.

Initially,  July 15 was the deadline,  but CAF showed Mersey to some MAs, who  were given extra time to complete their season,  but Cameroon still could not fulfil their promises.

Consequently,  just like the case for the Women’s champions league where Louves Minproff were selected to represent Cameroon at the maiden CAF women’s champions league because the Women’s top flight had not yet ended.

The situation was indifferent with the men’s representatives,  as the football authorities could not finish the season on time, and so had to table Fovu and Coton Sport to be the Flagbearers at the CAF Interclub Competitions next season.

Fovu are currently top of Pool A with 30 points in 18 matches, and will join the other 53 clubs, as they represent the country at the CAF Champions league.  This is Fovu’s first appearance in the CAF Interclub Competitions since the year 2000.

Coton Sport will still represent the country in the confederation cup,  a competition which they came so close in winning last term, as they were eliminated at the Semifinal by Algeria’s JS Kabylie. 51 clubs will participate in the confederation cup.

It should be noted that the two teams are in the group of 5 clubs in Cameroon to obtain the CAF License,  and so are eligible for CAF Interclub Competitions.

The draws for the preliminary rounds have been programmed for August 13, 2021 in Cairo.



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