Diego Garzitto : Competitions in CAF ? Only if you have refs in your pocket !

Former TP Mazembe's Coach in an interview


Libya’s Al Ittihad’s coach opened fire on CAF inter-clubs competitions, as he declared yesterday during an interview with Libyan channel Al Wasat TV.

Diego Garzitto Al Ittihad – Libya Coach

As an answer to the anchor’s question about the difference between the club management between Libya and other African countries where he served before , the former TP Mazembe coach answered “Actually there are other managements who know how to deal with CAF inter-clubs competitions, for example the TP Mazembe’s are very close to referees, i mean to compete you should have at least two or three referees in your pocket!!”

Garzitto’s Interview on Al Wasat TV Channel

A powerful statement from a ranger coach who served in different African countries with high class teams should make a huge spot on CAF’s refereeing level , which has been questioned many years ago, and despite engaging modern sports technologies like VAR, Africa still witness strange referees fatal mistakes , one of many elements that threaten football industry in our continent !

With a new management coming to the CAF bureau, we hope a quick treat with the very sick referee committee will soon takes place.


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