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Profile: Dr. Mahmoud Saad Mastermind of Football Future in Egypt

EFA Technical Director Dr. Mahmoud Saad

Many followers of Egyptian football events may not recognize the name of the man
He is Dr. Mahmoud Saad, the former star of the Cairo giant, Zamalek SC, player and coach
Currently the Technical Director of Egyptian Football Association (EFA) , who has a specific mission… Which is to plan and build the future of Egyptian football, represented in junior age competitions and the creation of a valid system for picking talents in young age to be sponsored in the optimum way

So Dr. Saad did not lose time, from day one inside EFA, he worked on improving all elements of the game, starting with the coaches ..

Dr. Saad CAF Official Lecturer

Dr. Saad, who is the international lecturer at CAF, has many professional training courses to qualify the largest number of Egyptian trainers, and teach them the latest international training curriculams , and emphasize the transfer of the newest experiences to Egyptian coaches ..

Dr. Saad Supervising Practical Courses,

The thing that resulted in the domination of knowledge and experience on all coaches of competitions of football leagues in Egypt at different levels.

It also was a direct reason for seeking the expertise of Egyptian coaches in many neighbor countries in Africa or in the Arab Gulf region .. The number that exceeded 250 Egyptian coaches working Currently abroad

As for the second element of the game, which is the players themselves .. Dr. Mahmoud Saad and his team had integrative plans for all the Egyptian junior national teams starting from the Egyptian U23 team Winners of AFCON U23 in the last version 2019 .. And until this year EFA started forming national teams that included young talents from 8 years up to 20 years

The Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports also relied on Dr. Saad in the implementation of its ambitious project, which was launched by the Egyptian Presidential Foundation itself, which aims to reach the number 1000 professional players abroad, and this is an affirmation of the Ministry’s confidence in the planning of the EFA technical director and also in support of the already existing plans that started to gain victories under the leadership of Dr. Mahmoud Saad

Likewise, on the level of women’s football, which is the obvious weakness of Egyptian football .. Dr. Saad planned in both short and long terms to improve the game in Egypt and expand the base of practice .. The last of which was to import the Norwegian experience from Europe through intensive courses for Egyptian coaches to transfer experiences to Egyptian competitions of various ages and levels.

That was our documentary for the unknown hero of EFA, who is Mastermind for the plans and future of Egyptian football, Dr. Mahmoud Saad


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