DRC vs Congo Brazaville: Ousmanou Christophe Admits Fear

Cameroon Has Her Destiny With the Congo Brothers! Quite Difficult To Feel secured

Under-20 Lions trainer Ousmanou Christophe, has admitted he is ‘scared’ that the outcome of the game pitting The DRC against Congo Brazaville, in the ongoing UNIFFAC tourney, might be influenced.

Congo Brazaville has nothing to fight for because they’re out of the tourney already, while the Democratic Republic of Congo could progress to the next round with a favourable score – line.

Te coach expressed his worry after Cameroon’s 3-1 victory over Congo Brazaville.

Cameroon has done her part, and can do no more. The destiny of Cameroon now hugely depends on the outcome of the game between the Congo brothers.

Ousmanou Christophe started his post match presser on how he managed to breach a strong Congo Brazaville side.

‘If there’s anything to retain, it is the final score. We already played a massive 90 minutes, and didn’t know much about our opponents today.

‘We needed to be cautious. We didn’t need to lose or draw this game. We knew the goal would eventually come, so we stayed prudent.’

Cameroon stayed in the game for most of the first half due to the heroics of their goalie, Junior Hecube.

‘In the first 45 minutes, we observed our opponents, and later worked on the details in the second half,’ Christophe remarked.

Posed a question of having his team’s destiny in the hands of the Congo brothers, the coach aired.

‘We hope there’s fair play. We hope there’s no foul play. I am sincerely scared but I hope everyone can contribute a quota to ensure that there’s no match fixing,’ ended Christophe.

The coach of Congo Brazaville was caught on record earlier, emphasizing his team wouldn’t want to retire from the competition without a point.


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