EFA Resolutions support racism in absence of CAF or FIFA roles !

For decades, the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) has been unfair to some racist fans’ attacks on some of the football stars because of their color or race, and at the top of the list of those players is the Zamalek SC winger and their legendary playmaker Shikabala. Since the player’s return to the Egyptian Premier League (EPL) after a short trip to Greece through Zamalek , after negotiations during which the traditional rival Al-Ahly SC tried to win the services of the left-footed skilful player, the negotiations ended with the player refusing to play for Al-Ahly and preferred to return to the white giants in Cairo.

Shikabala during PAOK team period

Starting that moment on. Shikabala became a target for the racist fans who kept chasing him in every match that brought together the two arch-rivals, through racist chants and public insults for his skin color or likening him to monkeys, and insulting him with the dirtiest words and disgraceful phrases.

Since 13 years EFA failed to protect players against racism

And EFA’s showed clear and loud favoritism for the fans of the Red Club, when they turned a blind eye and completely deaf ears twards the actions of those barbaric masses, not only this!! Rather, the weak FA continued to face these acts with more racial discrimination, as the punishments came in the favor of the criminals each time , when resolutions were always to suspend the player as a punishment for the reaction. Thus, the racist fans receive a special reward from the EFA by suspending and fining the player himself!.. these accumulated biased resolutions by EFA gave those barbarian groups a permission to go further in their racist actions when they organized a march to the grave yard of the player’s family to mock and disgrace him !!!

Red Fans group in Shikabala’s family grave yard

The master scene was during the last Cairo derby match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the EPL was a tacit announcement from the reluctant FA to lift any restrictions on the racist barbaric masses, as the match was going under limited number of attendees and everyone in the stadium was specified names and identities, and with cameras monitoring and attendance of all media houses, The verbal assaulting fans were photographed and documented with racist and pornographic references to the Zamalek player during his substitution in the second half.

Cameras caught the racist actions in the fans seats

Cameras also got the player’s reaction that moment when he pointed to those who insulted him on his shoes!

EFA only considered the player reaction to the racist actions

Here came the role of EFA who suspended the player from participating as a punishment for him to respond to the verbal barbaric attack that mentioned his son and hiis wife as well as himself!!!


This repeated inaction by the EFA, regarding this player in particular acted as a green light for those racist fans who became difficult for them to gather and celebrate a championship won by their team without racist abuse of the legendary player of the neighbor rival team, which is documented in many videos spread via all social media sites.

Racist chants became a part of Celebration under EFA regulations

This suffocating situation continues by the biased position of EFA particularly in this issue, without any warning or intervention by CAF or FIFA, which has long talked about rejecting racism as a title for our sport, what makes a question marke here ….

Does CAF & FIFA support the current committee in Egypt!!

Or are they really against racism!!!!


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