Elite 1: Second Round Resumption Date Now Know.

Elite 1 football championship.

The second round of the  national division one football championship will resume on Wednesday July 7, 2021 in stadia across the country.

The championship witnessed an unprecedented long break,  due to financial issues, but However, after negotiations between the clubs and the FA, the teams have decided to go back to the green tuff.

Complete Fixtures

Pool A (Wednesday July 7)

Eding Sport vs AS Fortuna ( Mbankomo Technical Center, 3pm)

PWD vs Yafoot (Yong Sports Academy Arena, 2pm)

Stade Renard vs Fovu Club ( Melong Municipal Stadium, 3pm)

Avion Academy vs Bamboutos (Reunification Stadium, 2 pm)

Thursday July 8

Union of Douala vs  Djiko FC (Stade Bepanda Annex)

Pool B

Wednesday July 7

TKC vs YOSA ( Amadou Ahidjo Stadium, 2pm)

Apejes vs Coton Sports (Amadou Ahidjo Stadium, 4pm)

New Stars vs Colombe ( Japoma Annex Stadium, 2pm)

Astre vs Canon (Japoma Annex Stadium, 4 pm)

UMS vs Panthere (Reunification Stadium, 4pm)

With FA boss, Seidou Mbombo Njoya buying an extra time of 40 days, the second round promises to be a 100 metre marathon race, so as to catch up with CAF’ s deadline.


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