Elite One Club News: Managerial changes at Eding Sport - MySoccer24

Elite One Club News: Managerial changes at Eding Sport

By Aka Ayamba, Football writer – Mysoccer24.com

Former league 1 champions Eding spot de la Lakie has acquired the services of former Spanish football federation fifa football agent Pierre Herve Amougou as the new sporting director of the club.

He will be in charge of supervision of transfers of foreign players in and out of the club.

With his knowledge as a football agent, he brings in a vast amount of experience in terms of player transfer within the ranks of president saint Fabian Mvogo’s Eding sport of la Lekie.

It should be known that Pierre Herve Amougou is the main protagonist who masterminded the transfer of Cameroonian international Leandre Tawamba from Serbia to Soudi Arabia.


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