Elite One: Match Day 10 in Quotes as the Actors Speak

David Pagou, coach for PWD  (PWD 0-0 Bamboutos)
“My players are very tired. This is our 4th match in 11 days which is not supportable. The spectacle wasn’t good, but we take the one point we got in good faith and move ahead”

Emmanuel Ndoumbe Bosso, coach Coton (Canon 3-0 Coton Sport)

“It’s a day without! We got chances where we could equally score 3 goals. The goals conceded were easily given. Canon had its chances and didn’t toil to score its goals. We don’t come to a game to lose. We didn’t have enough baraka.”

Stephan Ndzana, coach Canon Yaounde
We now have the squad to play great matches. One of my key players took a red card, and he will be missing for Wednesday’s game. Canon will improve more with time. We are very happy for the win, but we won’t remain on this victory. We other matches coming and in case you lose, you equally lose your position.
Canon plays like this but the club receives no support. We have people around who say they’re Canon fans but insult the team. I don’t think a Canon fan can insult the team. We’re not supported but continue working.

Junior Ngede, Captain, Canon Yaounde

“We had more envie than Coton, We have a young squad and were highly motivated. Coton elaborated a better playing style than us, but we had more envy and that’s what permitted us to grab the victory. Playing against Coton is an extraordinary match and playing them at home is an extra motivation. “

Junior Dande, goalkeepr APEJES (APEJES 0-0 AVION)
“We respect Avion Fc side but I think if we played even at 75% of our capacity, we would have had a better scoreline. We’re bitter over it. But it’s a point taken and it’s a championship. If we remain concentrated, we will have better results and ranking.”

Dieudonne Nke, coach UMS Loum (Union 0-3 UMS)
“The key of today’s game is solidarity in effort and consistency because we are rebuilding the team and everyone has to give in something for the group to succeed. We work on offensive tactics and it’s already paying out. We have won the derby. Union is not a bad team, but we just had much more envy, and we prepared well for the game, haven seen them come from behind to equalize against Coton Sport; That’s why we remained careful in our way of playing. We play with a bloc team to push our opponents to step back.
My players accept to replicate what we do during training and I tell them Thank You.”

Joel Etogue, Captain UMS Loum

“It was a series of hard work. We had suffered a series of defeat and draws, so we just had to make violence on ourselves to try to grab the maximum point today. Union is quite a good team. They have a couple of young players, they create chances, put us in difficulties. We just had to use maturity and try to caution them. We try to work more defensively. If we cannot score, we have to defend.”


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