Elite One: Match day 8 Full results, All Game Statistics, goal Scorers & All you need to know

The 8th day of Cameroon’s Elite One Championship was played this Wednesday, November 20th producing a host of surprises. 5 away wins, 2 home wins and a draw. The biggest surprise came from Garoua where Coton Sport fell at home 0-1 against Dragon Yaounde. The last defeat of the cotton growers in Garoua dates back as far as on February 25, 2018 when they fell 0-1 against AS Fortuna.  The other big surprise was Bamboutos’s home defeat to TKC of Yaoundé (1-2). At mbankomo, Yaounde, Canon losst to another North West team YOSA (0-1). For the rest, Union of Douala renews with winning habits after having beaten APEJES 2-1 in Limbe.

Get all game statistics and goal scorers below:

Union vs APEJES (2-1)

Goal Scorers\ Assist
Union:  Sidiki Aboubakar, Assist: Innocent Assana /  Jean Lious Biko; Assist: Innocent Assana
APEJES:  Leonard Chatelin (No assist goal was one man show)

Panthere vs Stade Renard (0-0)

Feutcheu vs AVION (0-1)

Goal Scorer:
Avion : Nyobe Franck ; Assist: Betoro Ali

Bamboutos vs TKC (1-2)

Goal scorers:
Bamtoutos :  Alain Chrisande , Assist: Achilles Fokem
TKC : Armel Lionel; Assist: William Djen / Thierry Brice,  Assist: Serge Roland

Colombe vs Fovu (1-1)

Goal scorers:

Colombe: Chrsitian Fack Bayokolak

Fovu: Lionel Ntebeu

Canon vs YOSA (0-1)

Goal scorer: YOSA : Essien Fuh

AS Fortuna vs UMS (0-2)

Goal Scorers: UMS – Brice Owona, Ayuk Tabi Vidal

Eding Sports 2-1 PWD

Goal scorers

Eding Sport: Nelson Moukeu, Alain Eyenga

PWD: Ibakeleki Hulrich II


Coton Sport vs Dragon (0-1)

Goal scorer: Dragon – Mboma Adrien


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