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Enganamouit’s Sex Tape: Parents Say No To Women Football

Some parents have withdrawn their girl children of their dreams to play football as Enganamouit sex tape goes viral of social media

Tonjock Magderel

Sports Writer-Mysoccer24.com

The unlawful release of a sex tape on social media , of one of African and Cameroon’ s best striker If 2015, and former team manager of the Cameroon lionesses Gaelle, Deborah Enganamouit and her sudden disappearance from the country , has so far place the dreams and aspirations of many who look up to her in a ruin.

According to Ace-Africa Tv, the 29 year old  female player and former manager of the indomitable lionesses took off from Cameroon following the leakage of her sex tape on social media and her sudden disappearance leaves some parents in a ramshackle mood not to condole with such practices but to withdraw their kids from the various training centers. How much of a bad fate could Enganamouit had left the national team and how much could this affect the female national team is a waving still unanswered question to Many Cameroonians

The slap at the Nation’s reputation is a heavy one and unbearable.

According to Samuel Ndalle , President of the Supervision of young sportsmen in Central Africa (AJSAC) who is teacher at the base women football , remarks that Gaelle had gone far beyond to destroy almost all what the team had struggle to put in place over the last few years”

The latter further reiterated by saying that as supervisors , they are placed and committed to many parents to instill and place into the minds of the children in their care both moral and Civic values of life, which comprise of discipline ,studies a sense of family accordance to the Cameroon family code which is a combination of the father , mother and the children.

” these images nevertheless motivated some parents to take their daughters out of our centers and some did not hesitate to set fire on their girls’ football boots”.

Samuel Ndalle

The supervisor of the national women’s team calls on the respective forces of law and order to enforce strict sanctions on Deboral Enganamouit and her accomplice to better safe what is remaining of the image of the Cameroon National Team.

Releasing her pains and fears , Mrs Betchem a teacher and a mother of one of the already withdrawn girls stated

it is true that with the evolution of things  my daughter can reach the level of Samuel Eto’ o in women’s football whether it’s sporting or financially, but when I think for a moment that she can be conditioned by natural practices, I cannot encourage it .

The purpose of everyone on Earth is to start a family . What is the use of glory and asset if you do not have a man or children by your side ? Mrs Betchem asked.

I can not withhold back my daughters from their passion of playing football because the whole practice of lesbianism is not new in the system as it was seen as barbaric and a taboo during my days but today it is a rumor as it is seen today

Ebassi Ndjo

To think and knowing the glories of the female national team to the status of the state , Victorine Ebassi Ndjo , a one time player of the said national team in collaboration of the Cosmos girls along side many other players wishes that a higher level of reputation be raise for the Cameroon National Football Federation, taking into considerations the attention of the ministries of sports , the promotion of the women and the family to think back of the former glories of the women football and reawakening parents awareness and the supervision of involving women in sport, with the aim of reshaping women football that has lifted the colors of the national flag to higher height in different places.

Praying and waiting for glory days ahead, and while waiting for the emergence of the new FECAFOOT president , the already present responsibility of the new soon to be president will be the reshaping of the Cameroon’ s Women football and elevating it to a better position than it is now. Ebassi Ndjo said


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