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EPL Newcomers FC Masr : $350 dollars was all we had when we started !!!!

FC Masr – Egypt

“Five thousand pounds ($350 USD) was all we had when we founded Masr FC 5 years ago” Said the president of FC Masr , the recent qualified club into the Egyptian Premier League (EPL)

And for those who want to know more about our club .. “Masr” means Egypt in Arabic , and in the following lines president Mr. Ahmed Khalil is telling the succes story.

We studied the English experience and established our club .. Masr FC .
Our dream was that we are building a real football club with fans that we respect and encourage. We were sure that the real financial resources are the only way to succeed FC Masr but NOT The adoption of any person or state. That is the beginning of a club’s failure.
We launched several projects specialized in sports investment , only God helped us to begin the construction phase in November 2011.
We qualified from the fourth to the third divisin and from there to the premier B division.
We had strict rules on how to run clubs specializing in football. We did not take one pound from the state because we thought it was the beginning of the end of any club. We did not allow ourselves to spend our own money on the club so that our club would not rely on anyone even if was the owner of the club!!.

The solution of existing projects is able to provide financial resources. We are keen not to take any money from the State or the FA due to our study of the law of sport and we know that football industry does not exist in Egypt so far and is not regulated by valid laws.
We respect contracts with our players .. The success of any club depends on giving rights on due.
We avoided sports media with respect. We avoided any personal relationships with the FA members respectfully.
We denied ourselves and deliberately not to mention the names of the founders of the club to build the name of our club only .. FC Masr .. Not the club of X or Y.
We did not build our club on any people’s reputation (from club president – coach – player). We seek to build a viable and competitive entity
They launched rumors to intimidate the rulers against us .. We accept unjust judgment and our trust in God is limitless.
We respect everyone and will always bet on respect and we will not change our way of working. But we swore that from today we will not allow anyone to step on the way of the club. And we warn of any person that may think is capable of wrong forcing our club or not to give the club’s rights. And welcome any honest competition ..
Today and Praise be to Allah , we are proud of who belongs to our club now ..Now they are putting pressure on us to be at the level of responsibility to reach success.
The future is now born in front of us and We are in good shape and climbed to the Premier League. And for other clubs this may be the end. But for us, it is the beginning.
Now we have a big challenge and a bigger goal.
Our goal is to represent our country, God willing, one day at the African and international level.
Our dream will not stop, God willing, and we all have energy and determination to work ..

President of FC Masr- Ahmed Khalil
Vice President of FC Masr- Mahmoud Hafez.


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