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Eto’o accused of practising witchcraft

The Cameroon legendary striker Samuel Eto’o Fils has been accused by a former teammate Bernard Tchoutang of practicing witchcraft.

In a TV show, “Les vestiaires” (The dressing room), broadcasted on the French TV channel SFR Sport 1 on June 13th, Bernard Tchoutang, former Cameroonian international talked of the atmosphere of the indomitable lions at the 2000 AFCON co-hosted by Ghana and Nigeria.

He made a stunning revelations alleging that Samuel Eto’o owes his coming into the national team as a regular player to the practice of witchcraft.

According to Bernard Tchoutant,prior to the opening match against the black stras of Ghana, Eto’o came out last from his hotel room and instead of greeting fellow mates, crossed them all and went straight to shake the hand of Joseph Desiré job who was then Cameroon’s striker while Eto’o was just a mere substitute. It is alleged that after that hand shake, Job sustained a sudden diarrhea which made him lost 5kig and kept him off the pitches, losing his place as regular player for the indomitable lions.

We all know the rest of the story; Eto’o became best goal scorer of the tournament and Cameroon won that AFCON. Job never appeared as a regular player in that squad.

Samuel Eto’o fires back

Eto’o reacting to this allegation on his Facebook page said:

Eto’o responds on his facebook page

“Hatred is a feeling that can only exist in the absence of all intelligence. Although exasperated by such declarations, I only feel compassion for you because I realize at this moment the damage that jealousy and sourness can cause. It is common knowledge that my true magic is work. The false excuses are peculiar of the weak. Let Bernard knows that as long as there are people like him who are ready to slander a brother to impress the gallery, the respect that we Africans, deserve and claim will remain a utopia. Respect Yourself!

Allegations of the practice of witchcraft are common among African players. The Ghanaian star Asamoah Gyan in a recent interview relayed by admitted he consults Mallams and Pastors prior to every football match he has played in his life. According to him, football is a spiritual game and one needs spiritual fortification before he engages in any game.


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