FEATURE: Normalization Not Ready to Take Place in Ghana Football



It’s very unfortunate Football in the part of West Africa, Ghana, has to take a backward slope.Despite the willingness to sanitize the game of football.

Many are of the view that, Ghana Football is dead! One may agree and disagree…But come to think of this, where you sending Kwasi Nyantakyi, former GFA President away and behave asuch?

Having travelled to several match venues across the country, I was soo shock of myself to witness yet another act of hooliganism in the Brong-Ahafo Region, precisely Techiman Eleven Wonders against Medeama SC at the Nkoranza Children’s Park on Sunday, May 5 2019.

A scene I have monitered several media houses and platforms across Ghana not talk much about it.Ashh FM based in Kumasi I recall having attention for it.And Classic FM in Techiman, but to put that on record, it was a caller who phoned in to lambast the act which took place at the park.But was not part of Classic FM sports show agenda.Beware!

Right before my nose, the supporters broke through the man entries to the dressing room turnel.With some saying, “We have to intimidate this referee before second half else…” VOICING ALL THAT whiles passing by me.Really, they stopped the referees just at the gate entries to the field after first half.

Over five minutes the Police Officers could not stop the fans from engaging the match officials.

Per my observation, thought that was just a mere voice out.But to my surprise, the intimadtion melted on referee Ewuntonmah Mahama showed clearly on the field of play.NOT to talk much on that!.

The supporters pouring petrol to flaming fire, had to show Medeama SC forward a red-card. As that was not enough, the player could not make it to the dressing room having being shown the red-card.Why? The fans broked blocks into pieces ready to stone the player, threatened him not to move pass the turnel else find himself bloody.

Kalibo Tusseint had to stay on the pitch through out the entire duration of the game where they lost 2-1 finally.

Former National U-17 and U-20 goalkeeper, Eric Ofori Antwi with an attempt to calm the fans from attacking his colleague, saw the ‘mob’ on him in the territory of the media personnels.

Frustrated Eric wouldn’t keep mute than, say a word.Which to the Supporters was awkward, asuch threatened to beat him up should he not keep quiet through out the game.Intervention from intelligent fans calmed the nerves of the angry supporters.

Most shocking scene of the game came to bare when Solomon Afriyie netted the second goal for Eleven wonders.Goal Keepers trainer of ‘THE WONDER BOYS’ ordered the ball boys to convey all balls to the dressing room and leave two.

A case of delaying play should a ball go out of play.

Speaking from a Journalistic point of view, hoologanism as a channel to win home games has being the order of the day.Why do I say that?…Since the referees could either hear insults shower on him or see stones, voltic and other materials thrown at them, will begin to have effect on how the game rolls.

No one can tell me, any match official in his rightful sense won’t appease the supporters by avoiding beatens in the course of the game. By becoming partial not to use the word ‘unfair’.

I must put it on records that, referee Ewuntonmah Mahama, Assistant line 1 Abdullai Alhassan and Referee assistant 2 Opoku Gabriel where on top of their game in the first half of the match day 9.

But the intimidations as some will call it, took away the beauty of the second half.

After the game, tried speaking to officials of both teams.But all declined to have an interview on what transpired at the Nkoranza Children’s Park.

Off recording, a Management Member of Eleven Wonders team said; “What has happened here is very bad and pathetic.I just don’t want to comment or say much about it”I just didn’t expect that”.

Despite, feeling remorsed that aided your side the three(3) maximum points.

As a tap to it all, I will prefer to quiz the Media, the supporters and the club Administrators.

What exact EDUCATION are we giving in relation to football, the NC, the Media and the Clubs?…Are we ready and focused to Normalising the game of football?…Should we be soo much attached to our individual clubs than being affectionate to football development?…Why should we avoid recruiting the best of players around than relying on second force(supporters) to win a game?…What have we learnt as an agency of promoting talents?…

Now, to acclaimed Normalization Committee.When we say Normalization, where does it fall?…Changing what people presumed and thinks is wrong in the game!.

You sensitatively ban a club from using a stadium which recorded violence.The clubs and the supporters stays untouched.Tell me, don’t you think charging them(clubs) monies and have their venue changed is still zero work done? The fans will move to the new venue and the amount charged will be regenerated.What stops a club from playing closed-doors(empty stadium)?

My point is derived from a sensible Eleven Wonders supporter who said; “We even want to leave this stadium, we will beat you and be banned so we go to the other venue”.

I rest my case


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