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FECAFOOT ELECTIONS: Samuel Eto’o promises 30 million FCFA to journalists

   Former Cameroon international and four time African best player (2003, 2004, 20005 and 2010) , Samuel Eto‘o Fils has launched his campaign for the position of president of Cameroon’s FA (FECAFOOT) with a big promise to the media men.

Tonjock Magderel

Sports Writer-Mysoccer24.com

In a campaign speech made in Douala and broadcasted simultaneously on several private media, Eto’o revealed his intentions amongst others to boost the Cameroon media with a sum of 30 million FCFA yearly. The money according to him will serve for the training of sports journalists.

Haven been on numerous occasions at logger heads with the national media, Eto’o Fils has suddenly become “media friendly” as his campaign team is equally managed by well-known journalists in the persons of Jean Bruno Tagne and Ernest Obama who act as campaign manager and media officer respectively.

 “Candidate Samuel Eto’o is a media man, a friend of journalists” Jean Bruno Tagne declared.

It’s rare for a candidate to include the media in his project for the football association, and Eto’o is planning to train journalists.

The joy of this announcement is not shared by all, as some see this declaration as undermining the pressmen.

According to Cameroonian local journalist Achille Foumena, “Eto’o’s declaration of training the media supposes that we journalists are poorly trained, and he’s coming to change our mindsets. The 30 million FCFA could be better used to reinforce the development of amateur football”.  

Eto’o and the Cameroonian media: A history of conflict

While playing football for Cameroon,  Eto’o’s relationship with the local media has not always been a bed of roses. Several conflicts had aroused over the years when the footballer would threaten press men.


  • On the 30th of May 2008, Eto’o assaulted Boney Philippe, a journalist from RTS radio at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel.
  • In 2011, after a defeat against Senegal, he threatened to fire via the general Manager of Equinoxe TV, a journalist who questioned him on the team’s performance.


Will his project of training journalists be welcomed by the sports journalists’ corporation, who are equally divided between those in favour or against the coming of Eto’o Fils at the helm of Fecafoot? The answer to this question will be known after the elections.

So far, seven candidates have deposited their applications for the position of president, namely;

Seidiou Mbombo Njoya, Samuel Eto’o Fils, Crepin Soter Nyamsi, Jules Denis Obama, Maboang Kessack, Wanda Zackarie, Tangoing Justin.

It is equally worth noting that out of the seven (7) candidates who are running in for the same position, just two (2)candidates have completed the necessary documents to run in for the position of president ; Samuel Eto’o and Seidjou Njoya (the incumbent).

The other five candidates have up till 21st November 2021 to complete their application files, while elections are scheduled to take place on the 11th December 2021.


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